Help Senior Citizens to Prevent Falls & Make a Difference to Our Elders

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Helping Hands for the Aging Population to Live with Dignity

Posted on 10 February 2017 | 6:40 am by

As the life expectancy increases, people are living for longer days. However, this creates a base full of millions of elderly who are finding themselves helpless. This is where NGO services appear to support senior citizens and uplift their helpless status. The dramatic increase in the living cost and infinitesimal returns on savings have been one of the crucial factors making elderly helpless due to their old-age problems and increased expenses. Thus today in India, there are NGOs to issue senior citizen identity cards and become their lifesavers. These NGOs are playing a significant role in providing total care and support to the elderly citizens of India.

 Growing Old & Senior Citizens in India

 As we know India is the 2ndlargest populous country in the world which also means more elderly population. Though the senior citizens have provided great service to their respective communities and also not forget the responsibilities towards their children during their prime years, many elderly today find themselves neglected and homeless. As their health conditions get worse day-by-day and physical strength declines to assist them, the problems get increased further for them. Therefore, the Non-Government Organizations have tightened their belts and make effective supply of the best health services for elderly in India.  

Prominent Services to Serve Old-Age Citizens of India

Regardless, the modern social transformations including modernization as well as urbanization have brought drastic changes in the society’s value systems. This has reformed and brought some of the major changes into the economic and social priorities. Due to these shifting value systems, many senior citizens of India left to defend themselves.  Today, several organizations have come forward to join the save elderly initiatives to provide high-level health services for elderly in India. NGOs today are getting much active to provide the dignity, care and support that senior citizens deserve. NGOs are issuing senior citizens separate identity cards so that they can enjoy the government issued schemes like we all do. They provide shelters and much needed care to the elderly people allowing them to live with dignity. Also, they are becoming preferred choice to have healthcare support for the old-age people who don’t have anyone to take care of.

The organizations providing effective health services for elderly in India are supported by NGOs in different aspects of their functioning. Such services provide a safe environment to the elderly people so that they can live a life of dignity with ultimate level of independence.

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