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Top 5 Mistakes with Adverse Effects in Seamless Cloud Indonesia Migration

Posted on 19 May 2017 | 9:59 am by

There is definitely no doubt that choosing to migrate a section of your IT assets, the non-core business process or the whole business system spectrum to cloud Indonesia makes perfect sense. There are a lot of benefits associated with cloud computing. However, you have to keep in mind that there are still some pitfalls associated with it that you have to avoid at all costs to avoid some serious problems in the long run.

Failure to Choose the Right Provider of Cloud Indonesia

Not every provider of cloud Indonesia is the same when it comes to security, connectivity, scalability, support and reliability. It is important to conduct a thorough research of the market before you zero in on a certain cloud provider you perceive to be ideal for your specific needs. Opting to work with the top cloud Indonesia service providers is a great idea since the field’s big players will not just offer the best prices but also a completely satisfying portfolio of services.

Failure to Choose the Right Delivery Model

Where you do you plan to use cloud computing? It is an important question you have to answer threadbare. Not getting a good understanding of your requirements and needs might make you end up picking a model that doesn’t suit your needs and obviously, this can result to failure in reaping the perks of using cloud Indonesia.

Settling for the Wrong Cloud Environment

What if you are planning to retain a total control over the cloud and you like better control and security levels? It is non-negotiable since your business operates within a domain wherein control, protection and management of data are of extreme importance. Now, consider the situation where you have to decide the deployment of sensitive processes to public cloud. The mere fact that third party providers manage these clouds means that you need to relinquish control. Here, you made a mistake of opting for public cloud when a private cloud could have been a better choice.

Failure to Plan for Risks

Depending on the cloud Indonesia provider for running your apps or data storage and trusting their support, maintenance and security structure is well and good but what happens when and if things suddenly go wrong? You have to plan for the unexpected prior to moving to the cloud. It is always a sound idea to plan for any unwanted situations for you to have a ready solution when and if things go wrong. You have to do a thorough assessment of cloud associated risks and find the right solutions for them.

Lack of Cloud Expertise

Finally, a common mistake for business is not having enough cloud expertise. Although the third party provider has the expertise and experience required to guarantee the smooth cloud services, you still require in-house technical expertise to ensure that using your cloud will deliver the returns you are searching for. You will need someone who can implement the cloud strategy of your business on your behalf and ensure that it is optimally controlled and managed.

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