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Save time and money with online shopping portals

Posted on 1 April 2017 | 10:47 am by All You Want

Have you ever thought about what is the point of stores amusing people with discounts, clearances and sales and make lesser money in the process?

It is indeed a good question. Trust me or not, but the fact is that stores enjoy benefit and profit by offering consumer products at a lower price even when they sell them at a lower price.

It may seem to be strange but the fact is that there are several good reasons of why and how stores take advantage of these sales, discounts and seasonal clearances.

Underlined is a brief list of reasons to facilitate you in understanding that how stores are benefitted by saving your money:


Stores may offer discounts because they want to target certain group of people, for instance military professionals, students, and seniors.

At times, stores want to attract new customers that usually do not shop from their stores. When stores offer discounts, they actually attract different kinds of customers.

In this way they expand their database for the future. They secure potential new sales in this way.


We see sales happening throughout the year, so that stores may get rid of the overpriced items, overstocked items and / or unpopular products.

The reason behind this act is the fact that it costs too much for a store to keep the large inventory sitting on the shelves or in warehouse.

When you buy products that are on sale, you actually help the store in cleaning their inventory and on the other hand you save money for you.

It is actually a win-win situation for both the parties. Stores win by selling off the unwanted inventory and getting room for new products while customers win by paying lesser.

Always keep in mind that you should only buy the items that you need to buy. Do not buy the products only because they are being offered at a discounted price.Invest in the products only when you have the plans the use it.

Seasonal clearance:

Once again, it will be stated that seasonal sales enables the stores to get rid of the seasonal products and get place for the new seasonal items.

You can enjoy end season clearance sale and save 40% to 80% off of the real prices. Some of the stuff that is good to be bought at the seasonal clearances includes the clothes, air conditioners in fall and heaters in spring etc.

Online shopping portals in Pakistan:

At times, stores do not advertise the sales, discounts and clearance sales. Many of the stores offer only internet discounts so that they may be able to clear the stock straight from their warehouse.

There are several ways of accessing these kinds of opportunities. This kind of activity is gaining popularity in all parts of the world and same goes true for Pakistan.

There are several online shopping portals in Pakistan that facilitate you to enjoy shopping easily.
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