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Is Your Company Better Off with a Private Cloud? Here are 3 Ways to Help You Know

Posted on 20 June 2017 | 10:52 am by

More and more businesses today take advantage of cloud computing. However, most of them are not sure as to which type of cloud solution they should use. Although there are public, private, and hybrid solutions available, private cloud stands out as the most ideal solution for companies and organizations that are after optimum data control.

Private cloud is an infrastructure that can be hosted in-house or remotely by a managed provider. Such cloud system is maintained and managed by a company’s own dedicated IT technicians, or by the trusted IT staff of the remote hosting provider.

But, how will you really know if you need a private cloud solution? Here are some things you can consider if you should take the plunge or not.

Data Security

Data security is among the biggest things that people would like to get from their preferred cloud solution. Did you know that private clouds are much more dynamic compared to public clouds in this particular area? The main idea here is to ensure that your chosen cloud solution is being protected by some kind of secondary security solution. Even though public clouds are relatively secure, private clouds allow you to put additional measures into effect which can further enhance the security of your data.

Ability of Your Staff

The management and integration of the infrastructure of your cloud solution, particularly one that is privately hosted, is knowledge-intensive. When your office has its own dedicated IT personnel, you will want to ensure that they are properly trained on management and maintenance than an in-house private cloud calls for. When you don’t have the assets of in-house IT department, you will still be able to make the most out of a private cloud solution. The provider can maintain and host your cloud solution on your behalf. This is among the many exciting benefits of hiring a managed service provider for the cloud needs of your company.

Data Control

Data control is also a pivotal aspect of choosing the right cloud solution for your company. Businesses that are after a total and complete control of their data, and don’t want to budge on this concern, would be better off with a private cloud. With private clouds being usually hosted in-house, you can be certain that your business is the one that handles the data.

If you are still on the fence regarding any of the three pain points mentioned above that revolves around the implementation of a private cloud, it will always be a wise idea to do your homework and research as much as possible. This way, you can check all areas of your business, and see whether or not each or most of the aspects of your company will benefit from a private cloud or not. Once everything is settled, make sure that you choose only the most reliable private cloud provider to ensure that you will be getting the best results and services you deserve.

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