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Is It Time for You to Consider Cloud Contact Center Software?

Posted on 20 June 2017 | 12:10 pm by

Why there are companies hesitant of migrating to a cloud contact center? Between lowering startup costs, empowering customers with omni-channel service, and removing and adding capabilities as required, tons of enterprises have realized the many benefits of this technology and most of them are plugging in quickly.

Currently, 30% of the organizations around the world are using cloud contact center application and others are planning to deploy it in the next coming years. Majority of companies stated that cloud was a priority and some even consider it as high priority. In fact, according to statistics, cloud contact center and hosted solutions are growing at 11.6% each year. The premise systems see only 6.1% growth. The business agility was recognized as the top business driver for cloud adoption at 49%, followed by IT productivity by 48%, availability and capacity by 44%, IT infrastructure costs by 44%, and IT management costs of 41%.

Aside from joining in this growing movement, how would your company benefit through considering a cloud contact center? Well, with the best cloud contact center software, it enables agents to engage wit customers seamlessly around the world to pick the best path to get the details they need, whether it is through texting, calling, web chat, email or through getting information from the authorized service. What is more is that the technology may integrate with your CRM in tracking the interactions of the customers, helping ensure that the conversation’s context is maintained when the customers hop from one channel to another.

However, there is far more to cloud contact center than the omni-channel flexibility. Below are some of the benefits of a cloud contact center that your company stands to benefit from and these include:

  • Uptime Guarantee

Look to a solution with dispersed data centers that offer excess capacity in case one of the websites become unavailable for some reasons. For example, a cloud contact center software offers complete redundancy as well as no single of point of failure and a cloud solution that’s based on SaaS with a 100% uptime service level agreement.

  • Scales As Business Grows

You will no longer have to worry whenever your business grows as a cloud contact center touts on-demand scalability once your enterprise expands. In addition to that, your call center can handle seasonal spikes in contacts like during holiday season. Search for a vendor whose network model supports the capacity well in excess of call volume with common-sense pricing model that ensures you pay only for the resources you are using. The vendors with the SaaS model will give you the ability in scaling up and down as the business requirements dictate.

  • Speedy Deployment

Several cloud contact centers may get your system up and running in a few days, not months or weeks. They also have supervisor desktops and intuitive agent, which reduce ramp-up time as well as mitigate the need for off- or on-site training and robust documentation.

Aside from that, don’t forget how your business can leverage a cloud solution bearing the burden of particular upfront capital or extra IT investments. This is always positive news for your company’s bottom line.

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