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Dr. Laura Bridges - A Renowned Name of Cosmetic Female Brandon Dentist

Posted on 28 February 2017 | 5:07 am by Dr. Laura Coyle Bridges

A cosmetic dentist focuses on the restorative aspect of your mouth and creating a beautiful smile, while a traditional dentist focuses on oral hygiene, diagnosing, and treating your tooth decay. Often times a general dentist may also perform cosmetic procedures, making it easier to have your mouth restored to all of its glory with one practitioner. There are multifarious options available for an individual to choose from dentist across Brandon. And it becomes an undoubted task to find the best ones. While selecting dentist, remember do not choose them on the basis of their certification. The best option to choose them is as per their experience and who provide full hands-on treatment approach.

One of the Best Doctors - Dr Laura Coyle Bridges

According to the Dr. Coyle Bridges’ clients’ Reviews; all the clients are satisfied and happy with her treatments. Most of the cases handled by Dr. Laura Coyle Bridges are very complicated and comprehensive. At Brandon Dentist, Dr. Coyle performs cosmetic makeovers each day, whether it is minor and major treatment. All these complex procedures performed daily have helped Dr. Coyle-the female Dentist in Brandon to increase her level of experience.

The experienced gain by Female Brandon Dentist helps her in further critical cases. Dr. Coyle has well prepared herself over the past 8 years for the opportunity to acquire a practice in her hometown allowing her to provide the top-notch service and technology to her hometown community. The practices done by Laura Coyle contains the entire aspect of dentistry and help people get the beautiful smiles. Dr. Coyle Bridges’ clients’ reviews of all his good works suggest that she is one of the best cosmetic Brandon dentists.

Education and Experience of Dr. Coyle Bridges

Dr. Laura Coyle Bridges provide her top-class dentistry treatment in Brandon. She received her undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems from Florida State University. After working in the Computer Technology field for some time, Dr. Coyle decided to continue her education to pursue a career in dentistry. From the University of Florida, she received her DMD degree from the College of Dentistry. Throughout her time in Dental School, she served as class president for three years and was awarded the Delta Dental Senior Leadership Award.

Technology Used at Bridges Dental

At Bridges Dental, Dr. Bridges utilizes the latest technology to make the patient experience as comfortable and efficient as possible. She uses the latest technology from Milestone Scientific called “The Wand”. This is the cutting edge technology that Dr. Coyle Bridges use to provide the local anesthesia for the patient. The Wand is very comfortable than harpoon syringe as it reduces the pain and collateral numbness.

Her team consists of other skilled and experienced professionals who know how to provide the top-class service. One can trust the improvement of the teeth and gums to Dr. Laura Coyle Bridges ads indicated by Dr. Coyle Bridges Clients’ reviews.

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