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DMSO: Pave Your Way to Health with ultra-pure Pharma grade DMSO

Posted on 23 May 2017 | 11:03 am by

DMSO or Dimethyl Sulphoxide is used both as a prescription medicine as well as a dietary supplement. This substance is administered to the patient topically (through the skin) and injected intravenously. It can also be taken orally by the users. This pharmaceutical preparation is given orally, intravenously as well as topically for the management of a metabolic dysfunction called ‘amyloidosis’. In this pathological condition, there is an abnormal deposition of certain proteins in organs and tissues.

Various Amazing Uses of DMSO

When used topically, DMSO can help in reducing the pain resulting from injuries and it can also hasten the healing process of burns, wounds, muscles and skeletal injuries. Not only this, DMSO has been found useful to reduce the pain caused due to a headache, rheumatoid arthritis, severe facial pain.  This amazing drug is used topically to relieve pathological conditions of the eye including glaucoma, cataract and problems related to the retina. It is also used in foot diseases like bunions, fungal infections in toenails, skin conditions like keloid scars and scleroderma. It also helps to reduce skin damage by chemotherapy. This substance can also reduce the internally high blood pressure in the brain and is also useful in the treatment of urinary tract infections. However, to be of medicinal use, DMSO must be manufactured using standard procedures and the products of DMSO must meet the specifications mentioned by international drug standard authorities. The compound DMSO has a high rate of absorption. Thus, it proves useful even for topical administration. DMSO should be 99.9 per cent grade pure for not varied kinds of uses. Such purity helps DMSO to get attached to molecules having up to 1000 Dalton of molecular weight. In this way, users can experience all the amazing benefits of DMSO.

Suppliers in Australia also cater to the individual requirement of buyers, so giving a custom order for these safe, easy to use and clean products is feasible. The recommended ratio of diluting standard DMSO products with water is 7:3. This means 7 parts DMSO mixed with 3 parts of distilled water. If you have received DMSO in solid form, then convert it into liquid form by keeping the product over warm water. The product has a melting point of nearly 18.4°C.

You can get very pure pharma grade DMSO (99.9 per cent) from DMSO AU in the form of various kinds of safe, effective, clean and easy to use products.

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