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Posted on 5 June 2017 | 12:03 pm by

Today the most exciting and innovative way to generate massive leads for your business is through inbound marketing. This is a strategy where someone chooses to engage with your brand and actively seek you out. Inbound marketing’s main aim is to generate leads via the website. 

That’s right – any business can take advantage of online inbound marketing from just about any budget and enjoy a wide range of benefits over time.

So, dive into the mechanics of inbound marketing by setting up your site that attracts visitors and is SEO friendly. Here are some winning tips which you must discuss with your web design SEO company during the website development stage.

Content plan

Much before the website design is created, give a serious consideration to the type of content you will be posting on your site. Most ‘attractive’ website forgets this very important strategy and it shows. The content doesn’t flow in the overall website design and it is not displayed logically throughout the website. So the very first step should be to write all of the site’s copy and then accommodate the design.

Incorporate conversion buttons

Call to action, landing pages, forms and offers are other very important aspect of inbound marketing. Their design, placement, and text should speak clearly to your target audience. This is the best conversion opportunity. Ask your designer to use a theme/plugin or build a layout that beautifully displays your call to action, forms and offers at prominent locations; ideally every web page. Even a sign-up form or a downloadable guide is a good idea.


Make it easy for your prospective clients to find you. A user may get interested in the product or service you are selling; but if they have to waste precious time looking for ways to contact you, well there is a high probability that you might lose that customer. Try to include your contact information wherever you can. You could even add a contact form to your site, so people will not have to leave your website to email you.

Social proof


Social media plays an integral role in inbound marketing. Integrate social sharing buttons that features share counters onto your website. This will be your proof which means your brand is popular and people want to interact with you. Another way of displaying social proof is featuring testimonials on your site. It acts as an encouragement for prospects to request for a quote. Again these buttons should be easily seen. 

Finally, a responsive website generates more leads than a desktop only version. Making your website responsive is now a necessity.

Final thoughts


Now that you know the importance of integrating SEO into your web design, be sure, your web design SEO Company makes your website accountable for new business generations every month.

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