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Ways To Rank Higher On Search Engines By An SEO Web Design Company

Posted on 6 June 2017 | 4:35 am by

SEO and web design are undeniably an essential component, but they are always considered as separate entities. When a new website is being built, its design is carefully considered whereas SEO is only seriously taken after the website is up and running. As a result, most websites are attractive but not search friendly!

SEO Web Design Company

An attractive, professional and user-friendly website is wasted since it fails to rank on the first page of search engines and the targeted customers never gets to see it.

To ensure your website is search engine friendly start by integrating an SEO web design within the layout of the website during the development stage.

A renowned SEO web design company gave us some points to consider:


HTTPS appearing before the WWW of your website is one of the ranking factors by Google. Let say, you and your rival are battling out for a prime search keyword position and the HTTPS precedes your domain. This is all it will take to tip you over and claim top position.


Your domain name and the URLs are read by humans and search engines alike; create them in such way that it pleases both. Remove those extra words, use relevant keywords, keep them short, use hyphens, etc.

From the website development point of view, for a developer, a unique page is one with a unique ID in the website’s data, while for search engines it is a unique identifier. Thus each piece of content must be accessed via one URL. If Google tries to access the same content with multiple URLs it will flag it off as duplicate content, affecting your search ranking.

Content Design

Create a more consistent user interface by deciding beforehand the type of content (large guides, video library, short blogs) you will be producing.

Alt tagging each image is another way to improve rankings. Keep in mind to insert a keyword your customer is most likely to search for while the keyword being relevant to your image.


A responsive SEO web design will be the deciding factor to be indexed by search engines, as officially disclosed by Google – need we say more.

Web Design SEO Company


Customers tend to get impatient with slow loading sites, they all want information in a very timely manner. Remind your developer to build your website with elements that will not slow down your website.


Make your website flexible enough to accommodate the ever changing recommendations and requirements by Google and this can only be done while your website is in the development stage.

You increase conversions when your SEO and web design is in sync. 

Consult an SEO web design company to make a big difference in whether or not your customers find you. 

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