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Web Agency SEO With A Flat-Pricing Model

Posted on 6 June 2017 | 5:19 am by

We, Nowsoft are a full-service web SEO agency.

What do we do you ask?

Well, besides focusing on digital marketing strategies, we bring creative, strategic and technical screen based solutions to life. We enable our clients to engage with their target market, maintain and enhance their online reputation and be leaders in their respective industries. We are leaders in lead generation and creators of calculated customer conversions.


Creating stunning websites, driving traffic to them and converting that traffic to sales through creative strategies is precisely what we do in a no-hassle, flat pricing model.

Our services in details:

-          Digital marketing – at Nowsoft, digital marketing focuses on four main areas: Search Engine Optimization, Copywriting, Social Media and Google Pay Per Click (PPC). If strategically aligned these four can provide large amount of relevant traffic to your website which means it can grow conversions, leads, and sales.

-          SEO – is the art of getting a website to rank well on Search Engines. We have extensive experience in designing targeted SEO strategies to increase ranking and beat competition. We have typically four SEO plans based on the number of keywords you want to rank for.

-          Copywriting – it is all about creating and sharing content to promote your business. Anyone can do content marketing but the trick is to make your content stand out from competition by engaging your audience. We have perfected this process from end to end. This means sit back and watch your business grow in new ways.

-          Social media – it is closely linked with content marketing and involves using social media as a way to engage with customers. It also helps in building brand recognition and connect directly with potential clients.

-          PPC – this gives you the ability to put paid ads on search results. it focuses on particular keyword or phrase and displays your ads when a potential client search similar terms. Nowsoft is the only web agency SEO to give flat pricing for PPC, again based on the number of keywords.


The best part about letting Nowsoft work for you is our Flat pricing model. Even website development, mobile app development, and software development are under this business model.

Drop by at our office to discuss your business over a cup of coffee and you will know why we are the best Web agency SEO.

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