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Hottest Expected SEO Trends of 2018 by SEO Utah

Posted on 4 August 2017 | 7:41 am by

Our crystal ball is out and here we are trying to predict the SEO trends for next year. Search engines are always innovating, tweaking and testing their algorithms to provide the highest quality search results for their users. This is the reason for those hundreds of minor to major updates happening all the time.


‘SEO is always changing but the fundamentals of SEO remains the same. ‘



Accelerated mobile pages – also known as AMP, is an initiative by Google, designed to build better, user-friendly mobile web. It’s a simple, lighter version of HTML. Web pages built in compliance with the AMP usually load faster on every mobile device regardless of the screen size. It gives a positive impact on CTR and ranking, while giving the ultimate user experience. 

More than words – Quality, original content will always be king ruling the marketing world. According to SEO Utah, keyword stuffing will be outdated and focused information will rule the day.

User experience – it’s a well-known fact that Google favors a website offering exceptional user experience. And this means a website with an overall great browsing experience, short load time, and mobile optimization.


As you see it – yes! We are talking about video content. Quality content and videos together can increase traffic to your website and conversions for your business products and services. Video sharing trend is foreseen to change many SEO Utah strategies in 2018. 

Keywords – only related keywords that are dispersed in the content properly will thrive. There are many tools that can give you wide spread keyword ideas based on phrases, categories, and search volumes. In 2018, long tail keywords with voice search will be a priority. 


Smarter semantic search – semantic search, still in its infancy, is going to have a major impact on the way content marketers achieve success in the SERPs. Up to third of all searches are estimated to be completely new; so it’s a priority for search engines to learn how to instantly interpret those queries and return results confidently. For this reason, the content will be even more important while targeting semantic factors.


Future bright

As time passes we will eventually know what is working best, till then let’s stick to the process and make development as and when necessary. Have the best interests of your consumers in mind and leave the rest to Sites by Sara (  Interested in improving your SEO Utah? Contact us at or by calling 385-355-5351 today.


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