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Video Conferencing – Why It Matters in the Digital World?

Posted on 12 October 2017 | 6:37 am by

Video conferencing is basically on the path to reinvention. There’s no longer dedicated and limited conference room system because visual collaboration is finding its way to desktops, tablets, and phones, playing a vital role in daily collaboration between some distant workers. Therefore, while the high-end telepresence systems plateaued in sales, many companies use videos and more often.

Many companies today are trying to expand their geographic horizons constantly to get the most out of regionally diverse market opportunities. Such expansion projects come with various price tags, including the operations costs, which is something that companies have to minimize to keep a feasible business structure. As of the moment, video conferencing provides one of the solutions for this. With this, all businesses can benefit from it, particularly the ones that want to deliver more services worldwide.

Video Critical to Collaborating Business

Enterprises through their nature are dispersed geographically and in the connected world users have to communicate as and when. Videos have now become more accessible, better quality, and integrate into the standard business tools including Skype for business, which increases visual collaboration. In a survey, cloud-based collaborative video conferencing has increased employee productivity and engagement. Majority of remote users stated that they felt more connected to their business processes and their team when utilizing video conferencing.

Many businesses including the ones in the industry of construction have already adopted video conferencing. They use fully-managed video system solution to connect its distributed global team, which cut the travel costs dramatically and increasing productivity and collaboration.

User Expectations

As of now, a lot of users demand an integrated audio, video, and content experience, high reliability, personalization, and perfect quality. IT support also wants centralized management and monitoring, easy integration and deployment with some management systems. The expectations today simply can’t be met by siloed approach where videos are treated as separate island. It’s a business tool and not just a technology curiosity.

Putting Users First

For the pervasive video deployment as part of the process of collaboration, users should come first. Easy access is the key to let users connect from any device, network, and location without the need to add complexities for users. Such solutions must put users first in the discussion, providing video, content, IM, and presence with consistent workflow, regardless of where they are or whatever they’re accessing the solution. Users must also be able to customize their own video conferencing solution like changing the settings in virtual meeting rooms to match the requirements as part of integrated digital workspace.

What’s Next with Video Conferencing?

Combining videos with some webcast presentation elements like slides on PowerPoint or some screen sharing apps, has started to make an enterprise with dispersed workforce sit up as well as take notice. The arrival of the multi-location video webcast represents the next step when leveraging online videos. Sixty-six percent of the top executives that were surveyed said that their organization either utilizes multi-location webcasting or that they’re interested in its implementation.

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