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How To Stop Divorce Understanding Primary Love Needs Of Men

Posted on 27 February 2017 | 3:57 pm by Rotimi Olayinka

After you tried you best to save your marriage you still can’t see any positive result, something probably is missing. To understand the primary love needs of men and is the key to answering your question of how to stop divorce. By knowing these needs you can easily see why your partner may not feel loved whatever you try.

The primary needs of men are very different with women, if you don’t know about it this article can be a very useful guide to improve your relationships with your man and to stop divorce. In this article, it will only talk about the need of men. If you want to know the primary love needs of women there will be another article about it.

How to stop divorce secret 1 – Men need trust

When a man feels the trust from his woman he will more confident and more likely to care about his woman and do more things for her. Men need to be trusted if they don’t feel the trust they don’t feel the love. Many women mistakenly tend to give men suggestions instead of trust. Especially about how to deal with things around him, men have their own ideas of how to deal with it. Even sometimes your suggestion works better but if he can get things done you should let him try himself. If he can’t get things done he will ask for suggestions. That’s the time you give your suggestion. Don’t start to tell him what to do before he asks and he will appreciate your trust. There is also a story about this you should read.

How to stop divorce secret 2 – Men need acceptance

Many women start to change their men when they are in relationships. A woman loves her man so she wants to help him to be a better man or ideal man by changing him. That is something can drive a man crazy. To a man, he would think there is something wrong with him so she wants to change him. When he sees you accept him although he is not that perfect he feels your love. And he will try to change and improve himself.

How to stop divorce secret 3 – Men need appreciation

Man feels appreciated when a woman recognizes the benefit she got from what he has done. When a man feels appreciation he knows his effort was worth and not a waste. Furthermore, he will be encouraged and motivated to respect his partner more and do more. Read more: 7 Tips And Tricks On How To Have A Happy Marriage

How to stop divorce secret 4 – Men need admiration

A man also has the need to be admired by his partner. No matter how ordinary he is he wants to be admired by the woman he loves. A man feels admired when his partner is surprised or amazed by his ability, talent or characteristics. A man will be devoted to his woman when he feels admired by her.

How to stop divorce secret 5 – Men need approval

A man would think to pass her test would be getting her approval. A woman’s approving attitude means a lot a man. It shows him her satisfaction with him. You don’t need to always agree with him. You need to acknowledge the positive side of what he does. When he gets her approval it makes easier for him to validate her feelings. Read more: How To Save A Marriage From Crisis

How to stop divorce secret 6 – Men need encouragement

A man needs to be encouraged by a woman. With the encouragement of woman, he will see the hope and be brave. A woman’s encouragement will be essential for a man to be all that he can be.

Only after fulfill, these primary love needs a man can fully accept other forms of love from a woman.

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