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Getting Christmas Ready: Perfect Outfits And Gift Ideas For Pets

Posted on 29 November 2017 | 12:31 pm by

Getting Christmas Ready: Perfect Outfits And Gift Ideas For Pets

With Christmas just around the corner, dinner parties and gatherings are well made into plans. Are you hosting a dinner or get-together? Don’t leave your Pets out on it, throwing on an outfit might just bring an extra whimsical touch for your guests or hosts. Cats, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are included too!  
christmas with Pets

 Better yet, if they have Pets of their own, these could be your Christmas gifts to them! For your convenience, we’ve compiled all the available stores online, just so you can get your orders in sooner (before they’re out of stock, or when the postal service gets too crowded). Do take not of the shipping durations before you purchase!

Online Marketplaces

Qoo10 Listings

Itsy Dogsy

Care Store 

The Best Design


Pris-Shoppu — for Cats and Dogs

Hot Sells — for Cats and Dogs

XinHuaLuSg — for Cats and Dogs

EzBuy Listings

Flower Garland Reindeer Ears and Antlers — for Cats and Dogs

Santa Dress 

Christmas Cape with Hat

Lazada Listings

Christmas Bowtie

Snowflake Vest

Reindeer Vest

Christmas Ribbon Bowties 

Celebrating Christmas with Pets
Photo via 19 Days

Shopee Listings

19 Days  — for Cats and Dogs

MegaMall  — for Cats and Dogs

Wonderful Buying — for Cats and Dogs

ShoppNew — for Cats and Dogs


Carousell Listings



Etsy Listing

Uniquely More 

Online Stores In Singapore

The Little Cherry

Funedelia SG

LolliPup SG

For Small Animals

It is nice knowing the small animals are not left out of the holiday spirits, check out these fancy pieces meant for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs! Get your hands on these soon, because they’re mostly from overseas
Christmas for Rabbits
Photo via Harus Art Studio

Etsy Listings

Healthy Nibbles

Sketsy Boutique

Harus Art Studio 

christmas with rabbits
Photo via Sketsy Boutique

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christmas with guinea pigs
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