Top 6 Most Important Tips for Effective Web Testing Process

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Top 6 Most Important Tips for Effective Web Testing Process

Posted on 3 November 2017 | 6:05 am by

Top 6 Most Important Tips for Effective Web Testing Process

QA has only one dream, and that is to find lots and lots of bugs. However, apart from that, they should be kept in mind is to find bugs that help in making any software more. For that, they should remember that application testing is never a rocket science so if QA testing team keeps in mind some of the important points before starting quality offshore web QA testing process

Top 6 points to keep in mind before starting Web Qa Testing Process -

  • Never Treat QA Process As The Final Development

    Many people think that Quality assurance is a last link in the offshore development process. It is one step in the software development. Testing takes place in each iteration before the development of new schedule is implemented. Moreover, software testing should be integrated as a regular and ongoing element in the everyday offshore web development process.

  • Have a Good Test Plan

    It is vital that the test plan is written by experience person like QA team leader or manager. So, when creating test plan testing team should follow an organized approach to make it good test plan. The good test plan should able to cover Scope of testing, test objectives, budget limitations, deadlines, test execution, risks identifications and more.

  • Test Early, Test Often

    It has a general trend that most of the errors are identified in the testing phase that is already introduced in the requirement or design phase. However, some defect can also identify later in SDLC are expensive to fix. That’s why it is vital to start the test process t early to avoid the introduction of defects in the early phase.

  • Start Testing with The Positive Mindset

    To write a test case, QA team members should start testing application with a positive attitude with determination. Although, start with the positive mindset don’t mean that they will not find bug or errors in the code. This only means to find quality bugs which can easily help team member to create great website.

  • Use Web Testing Tool to Make The Process more Effective

    Most technical leaders are familiar with the challenge of getting developers into the habit of making code testable. Therefore, create a list of easy to use web testing tool should always be very important. QA team should also remember that test should be easy to write and easy to run by the offshore web development team. Moreover, it is also advisable that all the developers should be able to run all tests.

  • Divide The Functional Module into Smaller Part

    The entire test application should be divided into the small functional module. This efficiently helps to help to understand the coverage of testing. It is also advisable for offshore QA testing team to make sure that technical modules are divvied into smaller parts, and test cases should write in the single module.

Thus, we can say that the final result of any website or web application depends on the performance of the Web QA testing team. So, effective testing surely helps any web development team to create a quality website for their clients.


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