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Hire CodeIgniter Developer And Leave Your Competitors Behind

Posted on 7 November 2017 | 7:47 am by

CodeIgniter is one of the best platforms that allow the development of a hassle free website and applications. Hire CodeIgniter developer for your website development as CodeIgniter's features are many:

  • It simplifies PHP syntax
  • Codes can be streamlined easily thus making it simple, quick and user-friendly
  • In comparison to other platforms, CodeIgniter can help you create a synergistic, interactive and a professional looking website in no time.
  •  It underpins the Model, View and Controller approach – which is the best practice that every developer should adhere to

  • The inbuilt libraries and resources can create web applications with high-end functionalities and added features.
  • Both front end and back end applications can be effectively created
  • It’s an open source and can be easily customized as per individual needs
  • CodeIgniter is compatible with all platforms, Operating systems and web servers
  • It can be easily migrated from server to server

Taking these features into consideration the advantages of using CodeIgniter development framework are:

Bug handling – this is one of the few platforms that provide PHP errors without fail. Even the bug handling instructions and debugging messages are to the point. Apart from this, the XSS or the cross-site scripting attack can be prevented with the built-in XSS filter.

Documentation – the documentation of the user guide makes it easier for any coder to use the whole framework so you need not worry about changing your developer in middle of a project.

Migration – easy and hassle free migration from one server to another. This is possible as developers can implement database schema updates all over the web application fields effortlessly.

Form validation – the validation framework system helps the developer to write the codes in a single line. This generates codes without any errors and ensures various control structures to be placed within the HTML form.

CodeIgniter is one of the leading open source PHP application development frameworks. It provides outstanding performance with minimal setup. Ssquare Interactive is a leading CodeIgniter development company with up to 9 years of experience and extensive technical and project management skills.

Hire CodeIgniter developer from Ssquare and get a dedicated development team as well as competitive pricing.


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