Effective Sebum Control in Ten Days

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Effective Sebum Control in Ten Days

Posted on 14 November 2017 | 7:45 am by Miguel Hanna

Sebum Control
Sebum Control

Taking control of excess sebum and acne with Sebum Control methods isn't really that hard and messy. With an adequate sleep, proper products, and, the right attitude, you'll be able to take your skin back to its original texture. If you're in a hurry to clear up your skin from oil and acne for a dream date or an interview, following and practicing these time-tested tips will surely help you out to take command of your skin in ten days or even less!

Here are these significant steps you can take:

Wash away your skin to remove Excess Oil

Acne is generally caused by the over secretion of sebum or oil by the sebaceous gland. For the lucky ones, sebum production usually goes back to normal as they reach their mid 20's and unfortunately for some, it doesn't. Sebum, when secreted in excess amount, causes skin pores to get blocked by accumulating oil and dirt particles. When our skin pores get clogged, it pops up out as an acne.

Washing your face with a gentle natural cleanser can help in removing these dirt and oil particles unclogging the pores. To prevent acne or pimples from coming out in the next ten days, make sure that the excess facial oil has been washed before it gets the chance to clog your sensitive skin pores. Wash your face at least twice a day to get a better result.

Skin Nourishment

Skin nourishment is something that most of the people take for granted. Like any other tissue in our body, the skin also needs to be nourished with the sufficient amount of vitamins and nutrients. This will help it to repair and maintain itself properly. Vitamin A and Vitamin B5 are the most useful vitamins which help in sebum management.

Studies have proved that teenagers suffering from acne and oily skin are those who eat more junk food and less vitamin A and Vitamin B-rich food like vegetables and fruits. We should be aware that diet is an important factor in making the skin clear and glowing.


Exfoliating effectively helps in treating acne because it helps in removing the dead skin cells and oil particles which have clogged the skin pores. Make sure to wash the prone area properly before using any product so that a better effect can be seen. Be careful while choosing any of the Exfoliating agents, use a gentle and natural scrub which is free from causing any negative effects.

Drinking Plenty of Water

As we all know water is an important regulator of the body. Drinking 8 liters of water a day can actually help your skin fight dehydration and dryness while making it moisturized. People who drink an adequate amount of water regularly generally have better and glowing skin appearance.

Lack of drinking water can cause dehydration which can lead to dry, scaly skin. Water also helps in flushing out the impurities of the body which reduces the chances of dirt accumulation in the skin. So, always hydrate your body and within a week, you will see a surprising improvement in skin’s quality.

Reduce Stress

Stress is also a major cause of acne. Worrying too much about our skin or any other thing actually contributes to the hormonal imbalance that causes the over secretion of sebum - which leads to the clogged pores and eventually pimples.

Thus, following these skin basics will not only make you sure that you can clear up your acne in as little as ten days, but also improve your skin texture and appearance.

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