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Why Burlap & Linen Jewelry Displays?

Posted on 11 August 2017 | 5:54 pm by Kasia Mikoluk

One of the keys to drawing attention to a good product is the display. Most times, shop owners grow weary in trying to be creative in displaying their products to draw in more customers.

Until recently, burlap is known as a material that is used to make carpets, rugs, etc.

Burlap or Hessian is a woven fabric usually made from the skin of the jute plant and is combined with other plant fibers to make other useful fabric materials.

Linen and burlap are primarily made from flax plants with linen being more laborious to finish. However, due to their coarse nature, they are applied in event settings like beach and barn weddings, shabby chic, vintage, woodsy, country and many other events.

However, asides these uses, burlap, and linen are used in displaying items for sale. Jewelry especially is made more visible and accessible to customers when they are displayed with either the burlap or the linen display.

These burlap and linen displays come in in various shapes and sizes. They are mostly used in displaying jewelry because they (burlap especially) combine perfectly with any palette and creates depth to the color of the material displayed on it.

There are various shapes and sizes of these burlap and linen displays for jewelry. There are the displays which are only for necklaces and are made to look like a human neck, and there are the displays for earrings, bracelets, and mini-crowns.

A lot of retailers prefer using these linen and burlap displays for their jewelry because it is eco-friendly. As a matter of fact, it is more eco-friendly than any other fabric you can find.

They are very cheap to afford and hence can be a means of making sure cost of set up is kept low. 

These displays can be made for different jewelry display to save space while improving the appeal of the product. From linen ‘laydown necklace display’ to the ‘2-tier necklace and bracelet T-stand’ to ‘multi-piece burlap jewelry’ displays, they can occupy little space and provide a background that makes the jewelry appeal to the customer at first glance.

Burlap material specifically, is softer than linen and can take on any design and pattern as the owner wishes but also wrinkles at a point in time. Not to worry as this can be fixed with anti-wrinkle treatments.

Linen, on the other hand, is a much more eco-friendly display material but is vulnerable to wear and tear and not as durable as the burlap material because it can become dull color-wise as time passes.

Otherwise, these materials make for the best possible display for jewelry in any jewelry shop.

As a jewelry vendor, it is expedient to understand that burlap and linen displays are trendy in the business today and you may want to switch your game up and become creative with your displays.

Making a great first impression on your customer with an artistic background display and beautiful jewelry may just be all that you need to keep that customer coming back and improve sales.

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