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How to Fix Touch Screen Does Not Working / Error

Posted on 10 October 2017 | 4:14 pm by Flady Keren

Metrodowntownsa.comHow to Fix Touch Screen Does Not Working / Error - Have you also experienced your android smartphone or touch screen mobile suddenly unusable ? if the first scene with the sale of touch screen phones, well if now a few people who are disappointed after using touch screen for various reasons. And including that we will discuss this time, that is how to fix the touch screen mobile phone or smartphone that touch screen not working properly or error.

If you experience problems like this, do not immediately take the decision to replace the touch screen, because besides the price is expensive, maybe your mobile touch screen can still be fixed. Usually something like this is caused by several factors, including :

- Mobile Phone Drowning in Water

This kind of incident I had experienced myself, when I borrowed my friend's android phone, I accidentally input the phone into the water. Even though the phone is in the water, it stays on. After that I took the phone, then I turn off the phone.

My friend suggested that I put the exposed cell phone to put in a container of rice, Why so ? Initially I did not believe it, but after I try it turns out the tips are successful. And the phone can be back to normal as before. Maybe you can also try the way that I use to overcome the phone sinking in water, here the tips for you :

- Turn off the phone and disconnect all mobile devices, such as batteries and others

- Provide medium-sized containers

- Put rice into the container.

- On the phone off, input into the rice container earlier.

- Let stand for 2-3 days until the water contained in your phone is absorbed by the rice.

- Well insyaalloh after that your phone will return to normal.

Another Ways :

How to Fix Touch Screen (Touch Screen) Not Working / Error

1. First is checking, make sure your phone screen is not cracked or broken.

If so, it will be difficult to repair and must be replaced.

2. When the touch screen is not cracked or broken but when touched one of the screen is "wild or too sensitive" then you just need to fix the settings in your phone settings.

Usually in every touch screen phone must have calibration settings

3. Open the calibration menu in your phone settings

4. Then your screen will experience a white blank, Well do not be surprised because it should be like that.

After that will appear the words "click one of the screen to set calibration"

5. Click on the calibration point, there will show instructions to touch the screen and please follow the instructions until the process is complete

6. After that your touch screen will return to normal again

7. If the above method can not fixed damage to your phone touch screen, please use the following way How to Reset Android Like from Factory

So the article from us on How to Fix Touch Screen (Touch Screen) That Not Working / Error, hopefully can help friends who are experiencing the problem. please try and hopefully useful.

Posted By : Flady Nasrulloh

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