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The Illusion Of The American Dream! Can it still be achieved?

Posted on 10 January 2018 | 2:10 am by Jose Romero
The illusion of the American dream is just that an illusion. There is no such thing happening these days.
Why? Just look around! The economy is fucked up and yet we continue to bail corporations and continue to fight foreign wars which benefits no one except for a small group of people.
Back then the American dream was real! It was something for a person to aspire to. Unfortunately we have allowed the politicians and corporations to slowly erode away what we call the American dream.
Back then everyone could aspire to be someone with hard work and perseverance now it’s just a joke.
Learn and fond out how money works. Find out how these bankers make money from using your money.
Below i have attached a little video on how the illusion of the American dream is only a term used for the bankers and not you!
The Illusion of the American dream.
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