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4 Tiring Reasons Why Working Overtime Is a Waste Of Time

Posted on 27 December 2017 | 9:53 pm by Jose Romero

 If you are in the work world I’m sure that you have heard of the term “Working Overtime”. If you haven’t let me tell you what it is! Working Overtime is a termed used when a Corporate cog like myself is asked to work more than his usual 8 hours. In return for working those few hours you will be recompensed in the form of money.
Most people including myself would jump for a chance to make extra money and when I was younger I would do a lot of “Working Overtime!”. Yes you can make a lot of money in the process but in the end something will tend to happen when you do too much overtime. Certain things will begin to happen at first it will be small but after a while that little small problem will become bigger very quickly if you are not paying attention.
Working overtime is like finding money on the street and you cannot help but to be attracted to its sweet nectar! The chance to make a little extra money can really hook anyone. The temptation is too great!
Most people would say working overtime is great! But I tend to differ as I worked a lot of overtime during my days and it has always left me unfulfilled and tired. To a point that the extra money began to be less and less attractive.
This is what I have observed while working overtime during my years as a Corporate Cog. I’m going to list a few things just os that you know what to look for and know when to stop working so much overtime.

Increased Rate Of “Burn Out”

I work in a very stressful field, A field where we are continually pushing the computer network to the extremes while still saving money in the process. At the same time be the face that people come to represent as the computer guy. Most of the work is done at night with very tight time constraints because the Exec’s want that piece of equipment up by tomorrow.
Sometimes those 8 hour shifts during the day can turn into 20 plus hours in an instant. When you are a Computer Guy by trade sleep is a luxury. I think this is why the majority of us are extremely grumpy and not in the mood to deal with people.
I was putting in constant hours and my paycheck showed it! Just when I was about to give up I would look at my check and it motivated me to continue. Physically and Mentally I slowly began to suffer and felt the fatigue come on and then your mind starts to become numb from the enormous amount of time I would be there focusing on how to solve this current problem. At times I would focus so much that I would make myself sick!
Little did I know that I was beginning to feel “Burnt Out”! At first I ignored it and just kept working but eventually it caught up with me and working overtime lost its shine in my eyes. I could no longer keep up with my body fatigued from not sleeping regularly and my mind lost and no longer could I think straight. My eyes grew heavy and my motivation drops to nothing.
Burn Out happens quite often in these fields due to the fact that computer networks need to be running continuously without stopping and add on top of that the “On Call” schedule your department might have to meet late night calls when issues come up is enough to make a layman puke or even run for cover.
I have contemplated in changing careers maybe a Bus Driver or Plumber, whatever! But hear I am 14 years later and its still the same thing.

You Will Inadvertently Raise Yourself To A Higher Tax Bracket

I did not know this at first as I worked hard like a good little Cog. Then someone told me something that made me even lose more of the shine working overtime had on me. Apparently by working overtime you can get charged more tax because now since that extra money is coming in they can take away more from you.
Sure enough they do! I never understood why I never noticed this before? My salary went up with the extra overtime I was putting in and in the end I was right back where I was before.
There is no getting over Uncle Sam as he knows all the tricks in getting your money in one form or another. I looked at my pay stub and sure enough they began taking more from me. Hell they even tax your commission check if need be!
Why did I even bother? Because I know saw the money and what I could buy with it and noticing the small stuff that happens before you get your money.
As time progressed my views on working overtime has begun to change as I no longer wanted to do it anymore.

Your Personal Life Will Suck!

When you work a lot of overtime your personal life will start to fade away as you will bring all of your resources to your work life making the balance of work and life tilt more to the work side.
When you are doing too much overtime you will basically be closing yourself off! And if you have a Girl Friend or a family they will begin to feel the strain of you not being there and your spouse will start to complain! Most likely your girl friend will leave you and your wife will divorce you because your work is more important than your family life.
I was in that situation myself as my family began to complain about me missing birthdays and holidays and stuff like that. My excuse was that I was making the money for us to have and enjoy! But deep inside I was miserable as well as during this time I would eat by myself and not be involved in things like my kids school play and such. My work and life balance was really out of wack! But I kept going chasing that ever elusive dream! I thought this was what a man did in his life to work hard and make money!
It was not until my youngest told me to come home so that we can play with her “My Little Pony” horses. Something I used to do with her before the working overtime phase came into my life. The sadness in her voice made me feel bad and from there I had to make the decision to stop having this scarcity mindset and switch it to a abundant mindset. I already had what I needed in my life and it was time for me to take my life back!
That was easier said than done because now I got them used to me working overtime all the time!

You Have Become The Working Overtime Guy

After a while of working a lot of overtime my bosses have grown accustomed to me stepping up to the plate whenever there was an opportunity to working overtime. They stopped asking me and soon expected me to stay. I began to tell them about the things that were happening to me while working overtime. They just ignored my complaints and expected me to work and continue to bust my ass. They told me that since I never complained before why are you complaining now when we need you!
I could not work another night of overtime as I have already been pushed too far and cannot continue to produce like I used to, so I had a decision to make!
While sitting in my cubicle with my hands on my head I decided to leave! I grabbed my bag and coat and headed for the door. The Manager saw me leave me and asked where I was going? I told him that I was going home! I turned around and headed for the door. I could hear the Manager pick up the phone and I knew who he was dialing but by this time I did not care what is waiting here tomorrow I just needed to get my life back!
In the end my life and well being is more important to me than my job. Now don’t get me wrong working overtime is not a bad thing every now and then it is when you are working too much overtime tat the problems will begin.
Now that I’m older and wiser let me give you a little advice! If you want to work overtime, why not start your own business and work overtime in building it? At least working overtime to building your own is well worth its weight in Gold, don’t waste your time working overtime only to make someone else rich when you can be rich! Mind you this is coming from a Corporate Cog!
Go out there and build something of your own!

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