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How To Raise Your Salary Thousands By Doing This!

Posted on 13 December 2017 | 3:11 am by Jose Romero

Yes I said it and it worked for me! You can give yourself salary raises just by doing this one simpole thing! No, its not working hard and staying late as fuck while your relationships and social life crumbles around you.

It's pretty simple really once I explain it to you as plain English as I can!

What You Are Doing:

All your life you have been told that in order to make money and get the salary raises you need you had to work really hard! Bust your ass for your Master.. I mean your Boss. You work and work hoping that one day you will get recogntion for all the work you put in.

You are exited about your evaluations coming at the end of the year and you know you got a significant raise this year. You have been looking to update that car or move to bigger House or Boat. Then your name is called and you go to see your Manager. He gives you a paper to sign but before you sign it you read it and noticed that a lot fo the stuff you did to get noticed is not on the sheet.

Not being the type to rock the boat you sign it while seeting with hatred and anger! Even if you did say something your Manager does not have the final say as he also reports to someone who gives the final decision.

You sit at your desk angry then you start to talk to yourself. I'm quiting this bullshit job. Then you go and start searching the internet for a new job then after 20 minutes you have calmed down and realize what a stupid thing you were going to do and close the Internet and get back to work.

You say to your self at least I got a raise! Yeah you did ut its not enough for you to replace that old jalopy you driving or are going to have to stay in the same house for another year

Why Bother Getting Upset:

This scene happens to many people all over the US at one point or another and it always end with the Employee feeling robbed and not getting the Salary he or she deserve. This is a normal thing that people go through every day.

The worst is that it fucks with your emotions to a point that the rest of the day is shot as well as your week is shot as you are finally been awaken to the truth.

That truth is that they do not really care how much you work you do just that it gets done! Whether you do more work is good for them because the less they would need to do, but you will not get properly paid for your services. So why get upset when you get a bullshit raise? Why do you think that they will be looking out for you? They don't have to properly compensate you what you deserve because they control the whole process.

Why do you think they tell Employees to never discuss your Salary with other Employees! Because when you do that you will find out who makes what and maybe out of all the people in your dept you may be the one that is not being paid what the salary is supposed to be. If you knew who makes what you will take away your Employers bargaining chip.

You don't have to believe me just Google it yourself as there are a lot of Articles on the matter. You should never depend on anyone to live and ptu food on the table. You have to think like they do. To them you are just a cog in their machine and if a cogs breaks they just replace it with another cog.

Believe me they will not miss you at all! Maybe for a few days if you are lucky for a week after that it will be as if you ever existed in the first place.

The Conditioning Factor:

All through out your life you have been conditioned to be a worker to follow those of Authority and not yourself. They tell you that you need to do A B and C and that that is the only paht way to success. To that I say "Bullshit!"

Think about it? Why do we follow what those in Authority are telling you? Do you really think that what they say is law? The world is not so black and white, the world is very complicated as there are thousands if not millions of ways to do many things.

In school you are taught that those Adults that are teaching you know how the world works. They regurgitate aoo fo the information that their Bosses or leaders give them to teach you how to follow orders, Sit still, make you feel bad when you are not doing what is expected of you. Even in College we are expected to follow Professors instructions and if you ahev questions you have to make an appointment to see him or her and you paying for the tuition!!

Isn't that some idiotic nonsense!

I'm here to tell you that you need to wake the hell up and start thinking for yourself. Everything you have learned you will need to unlearn and not only that you have begin reading books and hopefully retrain you on how to better see thw world.

When you finally wake up and realize that you have been asleep all this time you will become angry. Stop following others and make your own road to success. Success comes in many forms and not the one they told you it is.

We all like to say that we are "Free"! But are we really? I mean we do not walk around with chains attached to our bodies clink clanking everywhere we go. No these chains are invisible and are not attached to your body but to your Brain. They have successfully changed the way you think to fit into a mold they have made for you.

They could teach you to think for yourself
They could teach you how Money works
They could teach you how Businesses and Corporations are formed

All of the above and more but they don't! Learning to think for yourself or exposing you to ideas and opinons of others are not in thei best interests because being exposed to all of this you will begin to see that the world they are promoting is just a facade. they want workers not Intelletuals who can pull themselves from their bootstraps and be someone.

You can have all the degrees in the world hanging on  your world and still be ignorant to the truth!

Now here is the one thing you can do to get give yourself a Salary raise!

You ready?


That's right! Get another job! its that simple, no need to bust your ass and hoping for the best while your Boss rides around on his Yacht that you never were invited on. If you feel you need a raise then just hop online put your Resume out there and go for it!

Don't believe me just search online about it and you will see many reputable Websites stating that moving from one job to the next is a good way to give yourself a Salary raise.

God knows I have moved around quite a bit and everytime not only did my Salary go up but I also added more skills to my repetoire which can only make you more in demand. You see you have to stop looking at yourself as an Employee but more as a Corporation with the skills and value that only you can provide.

Always be on the look out for making a move to another opportunity! Believe me it works there are tons of studies that say that Job Hopping does help in raising your salary and no companies no longer see that as a bad thing. How do I know because it has happened to me on many occasions. Leaving jobs that are not challenging me a job I was in only for a few months and put out my resume and got picked up right away and ready to work.

Corporations do not care as long as they can find a qualified body to do the job they will grab you with the quickness and put you to work with a higher salary. Learn to play the game Ladies and Gentlemen! It is a dirty game and we all have to play if we want to survive!

So keep that Resume moving! Keep those fishpoles in the water waiting for the next fish to bite the hook!

So may friend don't get angry as you have the upper hand! Let them think your a Sucker as you quietly plan your escape and get that nice car you wanted or go on that vacation that you now can afford!

What are you waiting for! Take it!

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