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NATO Officially Developing Offensive Strategies For Cyber Warfare

Posted on 30 November 2017 | 3:34 pm by Damir Mujezinovic

Cyber Warfare NATO

NATO is changing its approach to cyber warfare. The intergovernmental military alliance is developing offensive strategies to battle hacker attacks officials claim to originate from Russia, North Korea, and China. This is a significant shift in strategy; NATO has always been on the defense, but that will change by early 2019, Reuters reports.

“There’s a change in the mindset to accept that computers, just like aircraft and ships, have an offensive capability,” said U.S. Navy Commander Michael Widmann.

Widmann also believes cyber attacks could be more effective than air strikes.

Apart from the United States, countries such as Germany, Spain, Britain, the Netherlands, and Norway are developing offensive cyber warfare strategies and aiming for an official agreement by 2019. The agreement is meant to combat cyber attacks from China, North Korea, and Russia through which, officials claim, these countries undermine governments and steal military technology.

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