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Tips to Help You Calculate Your Personal Injury Case Value

Posted on 10 October 2017 | 10:21 am by PRE-SETTLEMENT FINANCE

Most people who have suffered personal injury think about getting compensation but have no idea how to calculate a personal injury case value. It helps if you are able to determine what the value of your case is before you talk to your lawyer and file for the case. This is important because you can get a call from an insurance adjuster looking to settle the case by offering you money. If you are able to determine what is better between filing for compensation or insurance claims, or taking the money you have been offered by insurance adjusters, it helps because you can make the right decision.

1.         Determining the Value of Your Case

When you want to file for a lawsuit, there are certain factors that you must consider. You will need a lawyer and there will be other expenses related to the case. If you feel that you your case is worth more than what the insurance company is offering, it is better to look for a personal injury lawyer. You should then file a case and seek for the compensation that is worth the value of your case. Most insurance companies will not offer you the value of your case and will probably try to give you a lesser amount. While every personal injury case will be different, there are certain factors that act as determinants that need to be looked into. 

2.         Factors Determining the Value of a Case

The first factor that acts as a determinant in a personal injury case is the subject of whose is to blame for your injury. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, it is possible to determine the person that the fault lies with. Comparative fault is determined at certain percentages and insurance adjusters determine fault using such percentages. Once they determine what the percentages are, you can know if you are at fault or someone else is. Once this is determined, your personal injury lawyer can help you in mediating with insurance adjusters to decide what percentage of fault you are at.

3.         The Importance of Facts

Another factor that determines the value of a case is evidence and witnesses. Your case will have more weight and value if you have witnesses to back your claim and there is sufficient evidence to show the same. With the help of your lawyer, it is possible to determine the value of your personal injury case once all the facts have been reviewed. This is why it is essential to document evidence and get all police records, medical records and photographic evidence.

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