Schaetti: Place for Thermoplastic Metal Coating

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Schaetti: Place for Thermoplastic Metal Coating

Posted on 27 December 2017 | 12:12 pm by

You may be aware of something like powder sprayed steel. Do you know what makes it powder coat? It is dry powder that is free flowing makes it powder coating. Powder coating is nothing but a simple process that is used to apply coating without using solvents. Powder coating is the new technique of metal coating in the industry now days. This type of coating is used to create a strong finish on metals as it allows you flexibility to apply on a various layers of thickness. Finishing is done in various materials such as aluminum, medium density fiberboards, fusion-bonded epoxy and acrylics.
Whenever you choose something, there are hidden advantages behind it. 

Let’s discuss few benefits of thermoplastic metal coating and why it should be preferred over other coatings. Thicker coatings are produced without possessing runny or saggy qualities. Metal coating also emits negligible unstable organic and natural compounds. Overspray can be reused by making it possible to utilize every small piece of the coating. Manufacturing thermoplastic metal coating has a smaller amount of harmful waste. The products and costs are usually lower than it will be for some other liquid coatings. In many cases, there's no illustration difference between surfaces that were coated vertically or horizontally. There are various effects that can be done otherwise that will be unable to do with alternate covering types.

Metal coating process has two stages, first is applying coat of powder material to item and then curing the powder. You can apply the powder by using an electrostatic gun that sprays the powder, or a less common method involves dipping the items in a fluidized bed. Curing the items involves heating up the items in a gas-fired convection bake oven until the powder melts and forms a smooth film. Most powder must be cured at 400 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes, however new technology designed will allow powders to cure at 300 to 325 degrees, which can provide some significant energy savings. After curing, the products are then cooled off and you are set with an incredibly flawless, yet rugged, finish on your metal items.

Powder is available in a variety of resin bases such as epoxies, hybrids, polyesters, urethanes and acrylics. In addition to a wide range of resin bases, the powder is also available in a variety of textures and gloss levels. You can choose from smooth, textures, veins, wrinkles, hammertones, and peels. From old world styles to modern and contemporary looks, the custom coating you want is most likely available. These metal coatingsare used in battery trays, metal containers, fire extinguisher, small mechanical parts, outdoor applications like chairs etc, wire goods and many more. Schaetti is the place that provides thermoplastic metal coatings to various industries. 

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