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Kawasaki reveals A2 Z900 available in 2018 - Motorcyclediaries

Posted on 23 September 2017 | 12:18 pm by

Kawasaki has unveiled a worse powered, but otherwise equal model of its Z900, starting the super naked bike up to A2-licence holders. Europe has a tiered license machine, wherein riders of handiest a positive revel in and age can journey bikes with limitless strength. 

The new version of the Kawasaki reveals Z900 has strength confined to 70 kW, but shares the equal looks, mind-set and character of the usual 123 Kawasaki Z900.This model has reportedly been inside the pipeline since the Z900 became brought in overdue 2016, and has come approximately due to the sheer quantity of A2-licenced riders. It will make 94hp – low enough to be confined to the 47hp most power output of A2-compliant fashions.

The A2 Z900 also features the tuned air box meeting to supply a exciting consumption sound, alongside slipper clutch generation, and a light-weight and tubular trellis body. The engine is the equal 948 cc displacement and there are no beauty variations to make the A2 compliant model of the Z900 look one of a kind from the standard version.

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