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Phonegap Development

Posted on 26 December 2016 | 12:00 pm by

Is developing Mobile app a daunting task for you? Now you can use Phonegap and develop mobile apps with ease. Phonegap is a platform which enables the developers to reuse the existing web development to make hybrid applications. Phonegap applications are created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, however, the outcome of using the Phonegap is a binary application archive that can run on a variety of mobile devices.


Using Phonegap, we develop mobile application across platforms with a single code base and the app runs on the web browser view or the “webview” of the mobile platform. Building applications for different mobile devices requires different frameworks and languages. Phonegap solves this by using standards based web technologies that bridges web applications and mobile devices.

How do Phonegap development works? It basically re-uses existing web development skills, frameworks and tool using the web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Java script and then bundle these files into specific platform deployment packages. It offers support to majority of the smart phone platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian and Bada thus offering wide range of cross platform support. Using the Phonegap tool, you can now maximize your productivity while minimizing production time by using a single code for various phone platforms.


Major companies like Twitter, Netflix, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, etc. are using Phonegap for their cross-platform app development needs. You can even add members and create roles within your Phonegap created app to speed up the collaboration. Phonegap makes it easy to create brilliant, app store ready apps with up-to-date software development kit (SDK) for the target platform.

Phonegap has an inbuilt command-line tool, namely called as Cordova, which helps you to set up a new project, develop an application, run the application and install plugins. You can even review the prototype of your app with your friends, colleagues, clients, family members, companies or even with sample of end users by just sharing the link of the app developed using Phonegap. People will be able to download, install and review the app without connecting to a computer.

Therefore, you can easily promote your app to a wider audience using Phonegap.

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