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First Skate Session At The Shangilia Nairobi Skate Park With Pura Vida Skateboarding

Posted on 31 July 2013 | 5:53 pm by Youth State

Shangilia Skatepark in Nairobi, Kenya.
Vincenzo aka Christian Shirtless with a Pura Vida logo tattoo at the completed Nairobi Skatepark

Since 2009 and even a bit earlier than that Kenyan skateboarders had been eagerly waiting for a permanent place they would call home. Most Kenyan skateboarders had gone through a lot from being kick out from almost every sweet skate able spot in Nairobi Uhuru Gardens being a perfect example and even Uhuru Park, paying bribes, being beaten up by city council workers and even being detained by police at the Railways police station for trespassing the railway station just to go have a bit of fun time skating are a few of those tough life experiences. This was all about to change as something revolutionary was about to happen to the skate scene.

On the 28th of July 2013 all the Kenyan skateboarders had been called upon to go check out the construction site of the first Nairobi skate park and two visitors who had arrived from Germany. The excitement in the atmosphere was a lot because this whole skate park dream seemed so surreal from the beginning. The Nairobi Skate park land had been donated by Shangilia organization and skate aid had raised money through parties and donors.

We got there early enough and found Alley Kirk (one of the visitors sent by skate-aid as a manager and instructor at the skate park) sweeping. Everyone was really stoked and guys could not help control themselves from opening up with the first game of skate on the laid flat concrete foundation but this was way after viewing of the skate-park blueprints.

Its absolutely crazy how this interconnected skateboard world works. I had been following Pura Vida Skateboarding for more than a year and had also liked Confusion Magazine on facebook. It reached a point where Vincenzo Pezzy Cardozo the other visitor put the skate park blueprints down and got on his board.

He kept pulling some really high 180's, kickflips, shove its and different variety of flip tricks. He then started doing rounds giving out a bunch of free Confusion Magazine cpies and Pura Vida stickers. I was actually suprised when I saw the Pura Vida sticker and in between this twilight zone moment he told me that he is one of the guys behind Pura Vida Skateboarding, a community skate park project in Costa Rica.

It was really awesome of Vincenzo to hand us free copies of the magazine run by his friend. A group photo of Nairobi skaters will appear on Confusion Magazine: International Skateboarding Magazine .
For more photos check them out here.

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