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Cloud Contact Center – Reducing Shadow IT Through Intelligent Cloud Infrastructure

Posted on 5 February 2018 | 10:29 am by

The presence of cloud contact center is a proof in itself that the cloud definitely made people’s lives easier, giving people quick access to services they need. However, it isn’t free of drawbacks. In the hopes of fulfilling their mission-critical services as fast as possible, many corporate employees took matters into their own hands and when directly to cloud providers instead of raising their concerns to the in-house IT department.

This practice is known as shadow IT, which often leaves most organizations susceptible to configuration errors which can lead to expensive data loss or exposure. Studies also revealed that almost 175,000 cloud misconfiguration cases were recorded in 2017 alone.

Even though it is alarming, it is possible to solve this problem.

Meeting Demands for Faster Service

It is the desire to go up and running faster which drives employees to directly go to the cloud without asking for permission first from the IT. To overcome the challenge, the IT departments have to look for a way which offers services faster in a quicker way. Intelligent storage based on the cloud such as IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service will be able to help.

With IaaS , IT teams can do the following:

  • Turn on the services     faster
  • Scale more quickly
  • Maintain health and     oversight of the network
  • Garner usage insights     through embedded sensors

Through this kind of solution, there is no longer a need for technicians to schedule time going to physical data centers and replacing or adding storage. Instead, everything is made available with a mere click of a button.

An Integrated Delivery of Service

It can be quite time consuming and frustrating to log in and out of numerous portals just to deploy new packages of cloud services to clients. Intelligent infrastructure will be able to solve this issue through getting rid of bottlenecks, scaling for meeting capacity needs, and offering the require integration for seamless setting up of an entire service suite in just a few minutes.

The IaaS is part of the integrated cloud solution empowering IT departments to render an experience of high performance which used to be available only for the Fortune 500 companies.

Pay Only for the Things You Use

If you don’t want to be stuck with tiered pricing, you can opt for an IaaS provider offering pricing based on usage. It means that you will be paying only for what you are using. The model will be able to help you save more revenues in a year.

Deeper Insights

Once you choose to have your infrastructure built in the cloud, you will be able to get greater power in computing, embedded sensing, and communication tools for one solution to the next. Every cloud solution can talk to and connect with other products included in the solution suite to allow them to alert you every time something goes wrong, such as a new employee who was granted with administrative permissions by mistake.

Empowered by intelligent cloud infrastructure, a cloud contact center can eliminate poor practices of shadow IT before they make your organization vulnerable.

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