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Why Managed Network Services Providers Shouldn’t Shrug Off

Posted on 6 February 2018 | 4:50 am by

There is an ever growing interest in AI or Artificial Intelligence, with 81 percent of IT leaders now planning to invest or investing in it already. To keep up with the demand, the startup space for AI is also quickly expanding. In a matter of two years, thousands of new AI companies have joined the marketplace which brings a total number of more than 2,200.

It is said that this marketing is going to grow from a mere $8B back in 2016 to as much as $47B in the coming 2020. This is equivalent to a 55 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate. This growth is being expected to belong in three categories, with $24B in services and hardware, $5B in the software platforms, and $18B in the software applications.

However, there are some who feel that these predictions are somewhat very conservative. Others value the marketplace of cognitive computing at $2T, in which $200B is allocated in life sciences and healthcare alone.

In spite of the definite amount, there is no doubt that the market of Artificial Intelligence is ready for an excellent growth.

AI – Why Give It a Go?

As businesses aim to improve profitability and revenue and optimized spending, artificial intelligence becomes a great option. Much more advanced compared to how it was several years ago, the said technology allows companies to use complex algorithms for learning machines for predicting outcomes.

The said outcomes could help enterprises in deciding the amount of inventory to put in stock within specific times in a year, whether it is advisable to open another warehouse and others. For the software developers, it is a kind of technology which could help prioritize which improvements or features to establish next.

Simply put, the appropriate AI technology will be able to help the whole IT channel and address issues faster than before, and this can then reduce customer and employee churn and enhance the financial outlook of a company.

AI and You in the Future

Think of a future in which you will be able to pinpoint problems customers will complain about way before you even receive the first complaint. Powerful Artificial Intelligence will make this a reality Through the use of the proper machine learning algorithms for predicting negative outcomes prior to their occurrence, organizations will be able to stay away from spending revenue as they scale and build their services.

Those companies that learned how to make the most out of AI way in advance will get a unique competitive advantage within the marketplace. Similar to cloud technology, AI could be considered as a game changer with the potential of shaking up the whole market in many unimaginable ways. Smart managed network services providers are keeping tabs of the trends on Ai and using the technology to improve productivity and cost-efficiency.

The Preparation for AI

Prior to taking a plunge to the newest AI technology, it is a must that your existing infrastructure is flexible enough for pivoting and scaling with the suggestions made by AI solutions. A good managed network services provider can help you with that.

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