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Private Cloud Service: The Benefits and Downsides You Should Know

Posted on 6 October 2017 | 7:23 am by

Before taking the time to make use of a Private Cloud Service in the daily operations of your business, it is important that you first need to have a glimpse of the things that make this kind of business solution an advantage and disadvantage. Like any other business solutions out there, a private type Cloud service also has its own hosts of pros and cons and making yourself acquainted to these things will help you come up with a good decision at the end of the day. With a private type Cloud service you can get the following as benefits or advantages:

·         You will gain better control to your business data and information when you make use of a private type Cloud service.

·         Have the opportunity to customize your hardware according to your needs and business requirements.

·         Get the opportunity to improve the performance of your business. This is possible because a private type Cloud service does not allow you to operate along with other users. In short, you will be working with your provider solely and in a dedicated manner from the time you start using a private Cloud service in your day to day operations.

·         A higher level of security is another advantage that you can achieve when you make use of a private type Cloud service. Even when you are outsourcing your data you simply get the guarantee that your data will never be accessed by others due to the heightened security strength and measures provided by your service provider. This makes an excellent choice for you especially when you are running a business with confidential and sensitive data.

After earning about the various advantages of using a Private Cloud Service, it is also important that you also give yourself the opportunity to learn about its disadvantages as well. They are as follows:

·         Opting for a private type Cloud service entails dealing with a much higher cost. While a public Cloud service is cheaper and often free to use, a private type Cloud service is known to be more expensive. Aside from investing on hardware, you also need to hire employees that will constantly monitor to make sure that the service is running steadily at all times.

·         Using a private type Cloud service entails dealing with things that are related to maintenance. Aside from that, there should be sufficient power and cooling facilities while avoiding physical damages such as power surge, fire, water damage and others.

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