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Here’s the coolest gadgets from CES you'll likely see in 2018

Posted on 29 January 2018 | 9:28 am by

A New Year means one thing in the realm of latest technology gadgets — a trek to Las Vegas for CES. It's the enormous consumer electronics demonstrate packed with nearly 50-football fields worth of gleaming new tech toys.

Somewhere inside the cavernous convention center crowded with TV's we can't manage, concept autos we'll never drive, and inept "shrewd" things we'll never use there's dependably a modest bunch of new technology gadgets 2018 that really can make it big of item perfection.
That is the thing that I set out to discover early-on here in Las Vegas. Here are my favorites up until now.

Something new under the sun

The smallest new wearable I've ever seen could likewise be one of the smartest when it comes to protecting your skin. In any case, the diminutive dab packs enough techs to give you UV, pollen, mugginess, temperature, and air quality levels. It uses NFC to combine with an application on your Smartphone and can give you reminders to put on more sunscreen or remain out of the sun altogether.
new technology gadgets 2018

The Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant could be to the next-generation shrewd home what the iPhones were to smart phones. It's a tabletop shrewd screen that goes about as a touch screen tablet, virtual personal associate and keen home center point. With a gorgeous upscale design, it's likewise pretty enough to keep on a countertop in your kitchen or perched on a bedside table.

You can set it up to state, "Hey Google," and begin a routine: Turn on the lights, get the coffee brewing, read your day by day schedule, give you activity and weather reports, wake the children, and remind you to feed the pooch. You can likewise use it to video-call your mother, or watch the morning news while you eat breakfast.

In the event that this all sounds like stuff you would already be able to do with an existing connected home device like the Amazon Echo Show that is because it sort of is, except that the Lenovo Smart Display does it better, faster, and is a whole part easier to use in general. It likewise has two extra features to address security concerns. You can mute the speaker, so it's not listening for its wakeup word, and flip a change to cover the camera (versus the DIY method of putting tape over it).

E-merging reality

latest tech gadgets 2018

When Merge VR first showed me their new plastic Nerf-like toy weapon that sets with an iPhone application to play games, I thought, so what? Then I played with it. It is absolutely awesome. Called the Merge 6DoF Blaster, you slide an iPhone into a holder, fire up the application and simply like that, you're doing combating blaster-yielding space aliens. It's VR, with no VR glasses or goggles! In this way, when the aliens shoot at you, you have to hide behind dividers and duck under tables to dodge their laser beams. 

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