5 Best SEO in Utah Strategies of 2018

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5 Best SEO in Utah Strategies of 2018

Posted on 8 February 2018 | 11:40 am by


Everyone wants their business website to rank on the top of SERP, but not all businesses can actually achieve it. For anyone looking for a few effective tips to climb up Google’s SERP, we have top 5 SEO In Utah strategies for you.

Voice search

This is something which simply cannot be ignored anymore. About 20% of searches done on Android devices are through voice commands. These searches are mainly inquiry-based or question-based. This means keywords must be long-tailed, primarily giving answers to the quires.

Long tail keywords

Don’t be surprised! We know long tail keywords are known to generate less traffic as compared to shorter keywords, but they tend to have a better conversion rate. This is a great SEO tactic. It gradually allows you to build more traffic and be found by the new and motivated audience.


It’s all about mobile. Want to keep users happy and bounce rates low? Design mobile-friendly websites. It has become increasingly important for SEO as well. This improves the user experience through better navigation. Remember mobile version will be considered the primary version when it comes to how rankings are determined by search engines.

Video content

Videos instantly connect with the emotions of the audience. Leverage it to your advantage and bring more audience to your site. Take for example YouTube, it’s the second largest search engine. The best way to start with it is to first research on what your audience will like to watch, and then create videos they can connect with. It’s also important to make your videos SEO friendly.


As competition is growing online, you need to build up your website’s authority and make your business reach the next level. This can only be done when you are social and engaging with others. Socializing not only means sharing your own content, but also providing links to other high authority blogs on your content. Plus, a guest blog or few mentions on social media can generate a lot of new leadership to your website. Leverage the power of niche bloggers and influencers with a large fan base.

These small details will make a world of a difference while creating an online business strategy. Sites By Sara is here to help you through to keep your website fresh, innovative and consistent so you climb the SERP ladder quickly.

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