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Suffering from Severe Low Back Pain...? Try One of These Popular Treatment Options

Posted on 6 October 2017 | 5:25 pm by Impulse Pain Clinic

Due to our sedentary lifestyle with no place for any workouts, we suffer from a number of aches in our body and the most frustrating out of it all is the low back pain. The pain is constant and severe; rendering us inert and does not let to do any other work with ease. But the good news is that there are best treatment options available to treat back pain.

There are several pain clinic in Ahmedabad that helps to ease out persistent lower back pain.Our physique, jobs or any injuries are common reasons for lower back pain. A pain specialist in Ahmedabad can help to diagnose the back pain condition and suggest proper treatments for them.
Spinal manipulation

An established chiropractor can help to do spinal manipulation which involves moving and tweaking the joints that is generally followed by the sound of a pop or crack. This provides much relief for lower back pain.

Motor control exercise

These are a set of exercises on the muscle groups that hold up and are in command of the spinal cord. It restores synchronization and efficiency in these muscles.

Low or high level laser therapy

Laser therapy is alight source treatment that is generally used by physiotherapists to care for patients suffering from low back pain. The light works together with the body tissues to speed up the back pain healing.

Osteopathic Manipulation

A treatment to relax stressed out muscles, which involve moving joints and massaging tissues. This provides a significant improvement in their lower back throbbing.

Epidural steroid injections

Epidural procedure involves a live x-ray procedure that guides to apply the needle to the area around the spinal cord. This reduces inflammation and produces temporary respite from the pain.


When traditional treatments do not work, traction helps to move slipped spinal disks back into place by using a system of weights.

Taking right precautions can keep back pain at bay. But if you are suffering from the symptoms already, right diagnosis and treatment at the right place can help cure even the worst unceasing spinal aches.

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