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Cloud Indonesia – The Things You Should Know Before Moving Data to Online Storage

Posted on 12 February 2018 | 9:39 am by

Any business, regardless of its size, is storing all or some of their data over the cloud. However, before moving to a cloud storage provider, there are several things you must know regarding cloud storage as well as recovery.

The amount of the electronic information such documents, videos, emails, and images that organizations produce is amazing. Storing digital data in your data center may be pricey. That is why cloud storage that frequently comes at a particular cost of storing information on-premises has become famous.

However, before thinking of storage in the cloud, you have to ensure to determine your needs clearly. You must also do research before choosing where to store digital data as not every cloud storage vendor is the same. To help you understand if the cloud storage is ideal for you and find the best cloud storage provider, ask lots of clout storage and data management professionals.

Below are some of the tips to store data in the cloud and selecting cloud storage vendor some questions before you consider signing up:

  • Choose a Provider That’s     Knowledgeable of Your Industry

There are times that you can’t go wrong simply by selecting the biggest cloud providers based on a longevity and reputation, yet there’s value in selecting a provider, which understands your business. Data storage needs vary from one industry to the next. Perhaps your company is in healthcare, finance or the entertainment and media industry. There are some cloud storage providers, which specialize or at least have an understanding of your industry and data you have to store. Such understanding and knowledge can make a big difference.

  • Ensure That the Cloud     Vendor is Updated on Industry Certifications and Data Center

Cloud storage providers must be compliant with your security and privacy compliance needs of the industry. In addition to that, see to it that the cloud service vendor is in compliance with the new regulations.

  • Understand Bandwidth     Limitations

If you’re going to use cloud as part of the backup strategy, you have to understand bandwidth limitations both for the huge amount of data and what would happen must you require restoring a big amount of data. Cloud storage needs moving data outside of the local area networks of your enterprise into a WAN, which often result in higher bandwidth and cost requirement for the cloud storage.

Transfer speeds and bandwidth drive the time expectations on how long it’ll take to move the data over the ride. It can be days, hours, and minutes. Bandwidth potential, cost, and time are essential factors to consider.

  • Ensure That the Data is     Encrypted

According to expert, you have to protect sensitive data with strong encryption before transferring this into the cloud. Several storage providers might provide server-side encryption, yet encrypting data by your own could be wiser. Take note that if the cloud service provider encrypts the data, the cloud service provider may decrypt your data. If data is encrypted before it’s transferred, only you could decrypt data.

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