Custom Home Project Development in Toronto

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Custom Home Project Development in Toronto

Posted on 13 February 2018 | 10:28 am by

Interior Designing Tips Before You Embark on Your Custom Home Project
You may think that custom home building is all about the floor, walls, and roofs. Material choices are all that matter and basically, we can schedule interiors for a later date. But it’s not like that. Interiors, along with exteriors, have to be planned from day 1 with a crystal clear vision. 

Especially if you’ve ever hired Tribus Homes, the leading undertakers of custom home projects in Toronto, you must know how much they emphasize on having a clear idea on interiors before getting started. 

Most of the times, we carry our old stuff into our new home and randomly place it to make sense. But it actually ruins the harmony of your home because your custom home and your rental apartment are poles apart. The same ideas don’t work there. Here are some interior designing tips to decorate your custom built home perfectly. 

Have a vision
Do you need a modern, contemporary home? Or do you fancy an Elizabethan era home with all the ornate fixtures? Only you can know what you’re looking for in your home. Because not just the interiors, but also exteriors will bear an impression of what lies beneath. Discuss your ideas with your custom home builders and work out the façade and smaller details accordingly. 

Choose the color theme
White and other neutral colors are considered the best for interiors. One major reason is that they enhance the natural lighting inside home. Another reason being that such shades give you the freedom to experiment with furniture color. You can combine pearl whites with beige. Or snow white with lavender. For a much bold look as in contemporary themes, you can match off white with deep red. 

Renew or buy new
When you’ve planned the interior style and color themes, take a good look at the furniture you have right now and if those pieces will go with your decided theme. There’s no need to invest in new pieces if you have good vintage furniture at hand. You can renew them with some polish or wood varnish. Sell the completely hopeless ones. It’s advised to keep the décor minimalistic for a modern aesthetic appeal. Angular, edgy pieces look fantastic if paired nicely. 

Going about your custom home building can be daunting if the smallest details are left unplanned. For a comprehensive approach to custom home projects in Toronto, contact Tribus Homes, the best in business. 

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