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Network Monitoring – Three Ways Networking is Going to Change for the Better This 2018

Posted on 21 March 2018 | 10:03 am by

Network monitoring and the networking technology as a whole is expected to create positive and equal change for professionals who run and build networks.

What are these changes that you can expect to see this 2018?

Networks to Fuel Instead of Slow Down Digital Transformation

For 40% of CEOs, digital transformation is their main priority. Digital transformation has now become imperative for business success. This year, spending on services, hardware, and software which allow digital transformation will reach around $1.3 trillion.

But, usually, the network has been an obstruction for developer teams dealing with these digital initiatives. It is predicted that this year, with automation moving beyond vision and becoming completely operational, the world is getting closer to the ideal of transparent and unlimited services for the application owners. The network architects will come up with applications that were not even imagined before, removing the tech away from creative and big ideas which delight customers and keep businesses competitive.

Finally, Network Engineers Will Spend Most of Their Time Doing Things Instead of Fixing Issues

Those automation tools which were serving the computing world for many years are now getting extended to the world of networking. It is possible for engineer to automate complete operational cycle of the network devices from provisioning and configuration to change management based on policy.

Basically, automation is offering quick provisioning. Instead of months and weeks, things can now be done in a matter of minutes and seconds. Automation also allows more complex implementations in the network which include zero downtime upgrades, automatic threat response, and reactive network changes.

The advanced automation level in the network helps free up the time of network engineers, giving them the chance to spend their time on those projects that they find much more interesting, those projects which can generate revenues, instead of just making sure that the lights are on.

When you take a network operator spending all of her time in automating the process and troubleshooting, the same person who was managing 10 devices on the network can now manage as much as 1,000 devices or even get to work on a self-tuning and next generation monitoring system. Career opportunities for network engineers and managers are now much more exciting.

Instead of Spending on Premium Hardware, Most Fortune 100 IT Organizations Will Spend More on Premium IT Talent

With an increasing number of companies now making the shift from proprietary hardware into open infrastructure, they will use their savings for investing in employees who are great problem solvers, automation experts, and change-makers.

As web-scale networking’s growth and expansion continues this 2018, it is expected that the world will be seeing networking taking on positive turns for aligning with the age digital automation, transformation, and spending in topnotch IT talent. It is safe say that this 2018, fundamental changes seen in networking technology are going to create positive and equal change for professionals who are running and building networks.

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