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An Overview of A4 Copy Paper to Save Time and Money

Posted on 24 April 2018 | 10:27 am by Nathan Smith

In different parts of the world, the paper is available in different size and name to satisfy various purposes. And the most common size paper used in the international market is called A4 size paper; this has increased the demand of A4 copy paper manufacturers and suppliers. A4 is the most common paper size and is even considered the standard for documents in most of the country in the world. 

Good quality copy paper is crucial for the production of consistent well-made copies. A4 size copy paper is quite useful in the day-to-day life in schools, colleges and office as well. If indulged in regular purchase of copy paper and want to maintain a significant coat in business, it’s worth to buy A4 Copy Paper in bulk for a huge cost cut. To maintain a balance in your small-scale business, find A4 copy paper manufacturers and suppliers and buy photocopy paper in bulk termed as ‘ream’. 

To be specific, a ream of 500 sheets of A4 copy paper is also called as ‘Long Ream’ and is successfully replacing the old valued 480 sheeted ream. In different office supply stores, you could still find reams that contain 472 and 516 sheets, but the retail outlets sold 500 sheets in a single ream. This eventually saves much money. 

On moving to the best paper manufacturers and suppliers, you might find them equipped with numerous other papers to cater to your every need. When it comes to paper production, you can find legal size copy paper, letter size copy paper, double A copy paper 70gsm, 75gsm and 80gsm suppliers, and more to satisfy your requirements. 

Where to Buy A4 Copier Paper with consistent quality assurance?

Thaibilin Papers is one leading paper brand that supplies paper for copier machine. A4 copy paper is standard sized paper with 210 mm length and 297 mm width. Aside from reams of white copy paper, we also have stock other papers in the house that you might find useful for your office needs. Here is the list:

Legal size copy paper 

Letter size copy paper 

Thermal paper roll

HP paper copy 

IK yellow A4 paper and more

Remember to choose quality over quantity for a quality outcome. To know more about the Manufacturing and supply process, visit our website www.thaibilinpapers.com soon. 

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