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Tips For Finding The Right Online Career Mentor

Posted on 18 June 2018 | 12:23 am by

By Deborah Russell

A lot of knowledge is available about every industry or specialty especially from the people with experience. These experienced persons can mentor people who are fresh in their careers. Things are much easy nowadays since you can get mentorship for you career online such that you avoid making mistakes and gain knowledge that will make you great in your industry. You can get the right online career mentor using the pointers below.

Everybody makes mistakes so the one thing you should do is find where you have issues and then looking for a person who can help and motivate you to do better. Having realized the areas you need to work on to turn your career around, you should get a professional who excels in the area. Excelling is not the only thing you need to check, the person should possess the ability to inspire you to do well in the same specialty.

Similarly, you need to be clear about what you want. You should not sugarcoat anything by telling the person what they want to hear, but instead, show them your goals and expectation when you are building the relationship. The good thing about doing this online is that you have a lot of time to share and develop a relationship but only if it is useful to both parties.

Moreover, look for a person who understands you and can walk in your shoes. Someone who just graduated from the university cannot choose a chief executive officer of a large company to become a mentor. You will need to get a person who is a few levels above you and someone who understands the challenges you are facing. Again, be careful not to get a coach who fears competition since both of you might not benefit from the relationship.

Still, you should look at what the mentor you want is passionate about and the issues they want to solve. If the passion is the same and you share same goals of dealing with similar problems, then you can create a significant relationship which can lead to you achieving a lot including solving issues that are facing the organization.

The mentee should respect the person doing the mentoring. Consider yourself as an investment, and you might fail to bring any returns, so you need to be humble. Lower your ego and accept criticism whenever you get corrected for mistakes. The attention you get from your coach is something resourceful, and you should show appreciation and that way, they will be willing to give more of their support.

Another tip is the use of LinkedIn. You will find all kinds of professionals here. Use this site to search for someone to provide some mentoring in your career life. The good thing is that all the information you might require is available and you can communicate from anywhere around the globe.

Lastly, it is good to emphasize that whenever you are getting knowledge from people with experience in the field you are in, mistakes and any other errors are going to be rare and you will achieve a lot at the end.

About the Author:

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