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Do you what does it take to produce that 30 seconds TV commercial?

Posted on 22 March 2018 | 8:30 am by sinemafilms

We all watch ads on our TV screen for sure. But do we know the effort and procedure that it takes to produce those ads, ranging from 10 seconds to 1 minute, probably not. A television commercial is a kind of commercial form of advertising, used these days to promote various goods and services of brands across the world. It probably remains on air for a very short span of time, but leave a long lasting impact on our mind, and more often than not set our mood and decision to buy that particular product or understand the point that is made across through a commercial video on air. Do you know how long does it take to a top commercial production companies NewYork to produce that 30 seconds ads?

Let us take a comprehensive look about the preparation, effort, technical intervention and all that it takes to produce a short live TV commercial at its best that conveys a different message in each ad.

Making of 30 second commercial

Most of the commercials that go through your eyes on your TV screen is conveying a message for a particular product and service or imparting ideas of any organization or brand. Although the length of the TV commercial may vary from 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or sometimes more, nevertheless, the average TV commercials are about 30 seconds. To prepare the best ads in those 30 seconds, it requires great production support, creative insight as well as fitting experience to produce a quality TV ad that linger in the mind of the onlooker for an extended period of time and convert the viewers to buy that particular product and services.

There are three major steps in creating a short commercial, let us have a glimpse of it.

The pre-production process

The pre-production process is literally all about deciding what is your purpose and vision for the commercial production. It immensely involves a planning and preparation about the company core values, understanding product and services, what materials are needed to make an informed decision through the commercial about the particular brand, what it requires to encourage the viewers to take a quick action after watching the ad and there could be several other things as per the appropriate requirement of the commercial production.

Production of film

When most of the pre-production requirement are duly prepared, the film production is started. Film production is all about filming or shooting the commercial advertisement. Light, camera, studio equipment, the actors participating must be ready beforehand to avoid any unconditional glitches or problem during the filming procedure. It may take several hours or days to shoot the 30 seconds commercial

Post production

Once the shooting of the commercial is done by the top commercial production companies New York, it is sent for post production editing. Editing is the most crucial part of the commercial advertisements. This is where the all the filming is accumulated together and given a final touch that make sense to the viewer. It includes trimming, sound mixing, special effects and deleting unnecessary footage.

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