Originate of Print Culture

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Originate of Print Culture

Posted on 21 May 2018 | 10:39 am by


It is tough for us to realize a world without printed matter . we find confirmation of print everywhere around us - in books , journals , newspapers, print of famous paintings , and also in everyday things like theatre programmes , official circulars , calendars, diaries at street corners. we take for granted this world of print and often forget that there was a                                                                                
pritning page
 time befoe print . we may not feel that print itself has a history which has , in fact shaped our
latest world.   
                 There is a ordinary misscommunication that occurs when converse that which is print and that which is text. In the literary world, notable scholars such as Walter Ong and D.F. McKenzie have disagreed on the meaning of text. The point of the discussion at hand is to have a word that encompasses all forms of communication - that which is printed, that which is online media, even a building or notches on a stick. 

                            THE FIRST PRINT 

the initial kind of print technology was developed in china, japan and korea.
A printer's workshop
 this was a system of hand printing . from ad 594 onwards, books in china were printed by rubbing paper 
 - also invented there - against the inked surface of woodblocks. by the 17th century , as urban culture bloomed in china, the uses of print diversified . print was no longer used just by scholor officials.

               buddhist missionaries from china introduced hand printing technology into japan around ad 768-770. the oldest japnese books printed in ad 868, is the bhuddhist diamond sutra, containg six sheet of text and woodcut illustations . pictures were printed on textilesplaying cards and paper money. 


Print was not just a development , anew way of producing books, it transformed the lives of people changing their relationships to information and knowledge , and with institution and authority.

India and the world of print

india had a very rich and old tradition of handwritten manuscripts- sanskrit, arabic, persian, as well as in various vernacular language. pages were sometimes beautifully made.they would be either pressed between wooden covers or sewn together to ensure preservation.

Print comes to india
the pritning press first came to goa with portguese missionaries in the mid 16th century .by 1674 , about 50 books had ben printed in the knkani and in kanara languages. the english language press did not grow in india till quite late even though the english east india company began to import pressess from the late 17th century.

Modern forms of publication

printing created an environment for new kinds of writing . as more and more people could now read they wanted to see their own lives, experiences and emotions reflected in what they read. by the end of 19th century a new culture was taking place .with the setting up of an increasing number of an printing presses, visual images could be easily reproduced in multiple copies. 

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