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Lightning Protection System For Telecommunication Towers

Posted on 17 September 2018 | 12:52 pm by

Lightning strike, one of the most beautiful pictures every time it strikes however it’s also the most dangerous act of nature.

Besides the deadly effects of this natural phenomenon, the lightning strike can cause more damage to than you think to any industry. Thus extreme protection measures are mandatory and a well-designed lightning protection system is required.

Let’s talk about the telecommunication industry.

In less than 30 years, cellular mobile towers and antenna structures have proliferated on every continent. These are very tall structures, because of the nature of their jobs, making them the perfect lightning targets.

The telecommunication towers such as cellular, microwave communication, television broadcast, and radio repeaters are like magnets for lightning strikes – these towers are made of conductive metal materials and they are the tallest structures around.

And it’s the nature of a lightning strike to flow down to the ground through the fastest (most conductive) way, which usually is the tower’s body and leg.

Once a direct lightning strike flows through the tower, any equipment located in the tower, the supplying generator, shelter or fence, and any additional energy sources like solar panels or wind turbines located near tower can be damaged beyond repair.

Installation of our lightning protection system can mitigate many such damages.

Traditional lightning arrestors are not appropriate for these telecommunication towers as this tower being the tallest conductor in the area already collects the lightning strike. What needs to be done is to keep lightning away from these sites to avoid any possible damage.

DAS - lightning protection system

Dissipation Array System is our most innovative and patented system. It consists of air terminals, bonding conductors, ground terminals among others. We manufacture and design this lightning protection system with full precision to ensure complete safety and smooth functioning. 

During a storm, our DAS makes these towers almost ‘invisible’ to lightning. It works on Charge transfer technology which means it reduces the electrical field to below lightning collection levels thus preventing lightning from striking the protected area.

As no lightning strikes the tower, there are no damages and no loss of service.

Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc. is the name to reckon with a robust lightning protection system. 

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