Reasons To Take DevOps Testing Seriously In 2018

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Get The Benefits of DevOps Testing With QASource Unmatched quality and a fast speed to market are the two critical goals every product business today strives for. DevOps is the new fuel for businesses striving to stay ahead of competition. With an integrated DevOps model, product companies achieve a better integration between development teams and operations teams. DevOps is emerging as a common culture, and is driven by the need for continuous collaboration and delivery. Traditionally, the development team would integrate new features to the product. This is followed by the operations team working on the product’s stability. As a result, there are numerous delays and often the deadlines are missed. However, if products companies are working with DevOps, such delays are minimal as development and operations are taken care of by a single team. So, DevOps testing makes it easier to test the updates made in a product. DevOps testing features an early collaboration approach. When the operations team is involved in the early stages, they are able to share the stability requirements during the development phase. They also understand the changes and iterations made in the system, which makes it easier to handle issues when the change is then delivered to their production systems. With the help of DevOps, outsourced QA providers automate repetitive tasks such as regression and performance testing. These automation integrations help product companies cut down production costs as well as time to market. If you are looking for a reliable partner who can help you make the most of DevOps, visit .

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