Stainless steel applications for stand out home appearance

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How to Stand Out Your Home Appearance with Stainless Steel Sheets Applications

Posted on 22 May 2018 | 7:46 am by Optimum stainless steel sheets & cladding

Stainless steel is a type of alloy steel that consist the more chromium which makes it resistant to the rust or corrosion and protects the brightness of surface for more than a decade of use.

The metal has become a preferred choice for commercial and industrial purposes as other metal like brass, copper or bronze offers the same features but they’re quite expensive.

Stainless steel comes with more than 150 grades differentiated by the ratio of chromium and nickel in the architectural property but only 10-15 grades are popular and commonly used in construction industry. Here are few examples of stainless steel applications which not only enhancing the home appearance but also strengthen it.

Home & Office Applications to Enhance Appearance:

  • Sliding Partition Door: Corrosion resistance brings trouble-free maintenance.
  • Door Frame: Surface finish adds aesthetic beauty to doors.
  • Wall Art: The most preferred property of the material as it enables an artist to create remarkable images
  • Wall Sculpture & Cladding: Stainless steel is often chosen for its aesthetic qualities and the fact that it is available in different surface finishes.
  • Elevator Door or Cabin: Differently coated & designed steel sheets used for elevator door/cabin cladding.
  • Kitchen Backsplash Cladding: Stainless steel vastly used to give a touch of color or design to the kitchen.
  • Pillar Cladding & Staircase: The material is used to enhance the appearance of pillar, staircase or hand railing and provide enough strength to it.

Thus, stainless steel application is preferred choice for different industries, especially for home applications as the material is flawless, durable and can be available in both standard and customized finish specifications.

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