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Sasha Jacob — 5Easy Ways to Utilize Wind Energy

Posted on 6 March 2018 | 8:21 am by Sasha Jacob

Natural energy sources are indeed a healthier and cheaper alternative than conventional energy sources. Sources such as the sun, the wind, water, and heat coming from within the earth have been harnessed for energy. The wind energy, which is known to be widely used next to solar energy, is harnessed for a variety of functions.

There are numerous of ways to utilize the energy coming from the wind according to Sasha Jacob, the CEO and President of Jacob Capital Management Inc. His firm is known across Canada as the first ever financial and strategic advisory firm to exclusively focus on the renewable energy sector.

He added that although some may be familiar with the common ways the wind is harnessed, there are in fact multiple unique ways that few individuals and groups use to their advantage.

Sasha Jacob gives ways you can utilize wind energy

#1: Wind power through generation

By far one of the most popular uses of wind energy today is by converting it to electricity. The power generation involves the use of a wind turbine and a power generator. When the wind starts to turn the turbine blades, the kinetic energy created runs through the rotor. Since the rotor is connected to the main shaft, the generator then spins to create electricity.

Being widely used in some countries, electricity generated from the wind takes little time and resources to generate in contrast with fossil fuel generated electricity. It has greatly increased in popularity since first introduced and continues to grow globally.

#2: Transportation

Known as one of the oldest ways to utilize wind is through transportation. Dating back to ancient times, wind energy has been of great used for voyagers, using the wind to blow their sails. In recent times, wind sailing is still popular. Even to this day, large ships use wind power to travel across the vast ocean.

#3: Wind sports

Perhaps one of the most exciting ways to harness wind energy is by using it for fun activities such as sports. There are plenty of activities that rely on the wind; windsurfing, sailing, land sailing, kite surfing, kite boarding, and kite buggying.

#4: Food production

Traditionally, wind energy has been used for food production with the help of windmills. Before machines were even invented, these structures served a great purpose in milling grains which are later used for producing flours.

Although rarely seen today, windmills are still being utilized for some remote areas where there is absence of electricity and other forms of technology.

#5: Pumping of water

Another commonly used by our ancestors are wind pumps. The structure is almost similar to windmills and is used to pump water for multiple uses. Although it has an uncanny resemblance to windmills, wind pumps have a completely different purpose.

They were historically used for draining lands but are rarely seen today due to the introduction of advanced technology.

The wind has served us, humans, as far as history goes. Although its traditional uses have almost been left to history as well, there are still more creative ways to harness it. Now that we have the right technology to tap into its full potential, why not use it to our advantage?

Wind energy is our best chance of reducing our carbon footprints, according to Sasha Jacob Capital Management Inc. Wind-generated power, for one, does not only boost its purity but its capacity to power a large population. If we start educating communities about the benefits of it, surely more and more homes would transition to wind energy. In other words, we can be promised to see fewer carbon footprints, sustainable energy, and a complete absence of fossil fuel in the future.

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