Native American Leadership Training For A Better Organization

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Native American Leadership Training for a Better Organization

Posted on 18 June 2018 | 12:07 pm by

There is a global need for leadership – great leadership.

We call ourselves change agents. We integrate qualities into the company’s vision, strategies, structures, leadership behavior and culture to create a better future. Our style is to develop a performance-focused a feedback-rich organization capable of creating and sustaining a competitive advantage.  

Times have changed and so do the perceptions and expectations of leadership.

Our traditional leaders were always the first into battle. They understood  that you can not ask others to do what your are not willing to do first. True leadership takes courage to change the things you can and is constantly trying to improve everyone and everything around them.

No matter how good leader you are, you can still do better. Listed below are some pitfalls, conscious or unconscious to leading:

  • Not being aware of the depth of your organization’s situation
  • Not learning from other successful tribal leaders
  • Living off past glory
  • Expecting others to act on your behalf
  • Expecting economic conditions to miraculously improve

As a leader, your to-do list should include:

  • Awareness of personal disposition and discipline, adaptation to and need for change and relationships
  • Self-mastery – it’s challenging conversation with oneself. Simply put, it means being intentional and committed to growing as a person and as a leader while retaining all the many wonderful facets of being human.
  • Leadership responses – it’s simply the ability to respond appropriately and more wisely to all kinds of situations.

A shift in thinking about leadership development from an outer paradigm needs to take place within the mind. To enable this, we provide quality, state of the art training and consultation services to Native American tribes, federal agencies and nonprofit organizations for the last 25 years.

Our most popular Native American leadership training services include:

  • Supervisory skills
  • Building a high powered team
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Ethics for tribal organizations
  • Wellness and healing

If your organization is struggling, it might mean your leaders or you have been sleeping at the wheels. The good news is that there is enough time to turn things around and put your organization back on the productive path.

Red Road Leadership consulting is a Native American owned and operated consulting firm based in Gig Harbor.

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