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5 Reasons Why Seniors Choose Assisted Living Utah

Posted on 2 August 2017 | 1:13 pm by

Senior assisted living communities provide independence and necessary support for getting around the house as well for the daily living activities. It is the perfect place for seniors to laugh, have fun, explore, learn and live life with like-minded people. Below are some of the reasons why seniors are enjoying themselves and their new found independence at assisted living Utah.

Food – delicious, mouth-watering and healthy. Every new resident is sure to fall in love with the home cooked food and the dining room, quickly. Every meal is prepared in house from seasonal ingredients, handpicked and sourced locally. The meals are customized taking in mind taste, variety, and nutrition of every resident in mind. Served in a restaurant style setting three times a day, the residents can choose from a variety of meal options. The best part about this assisted living Utah is they accommodate guest during meal time as well.

Zealous – these communities run a variety of daily fitness classes - gentle stretching to cardiovascular activities, Zumba and Yoga. Then there is pool, gym, and garden to keep the bodies moving and mindset positive. Every community strives to make fitness fun.

Recreation – at assisted living Utah, seniors enjoy a plethora of merry making activities which includes musical and dance performances, craft shows, bingo and other social and spiritual activities. They celebrate mother’s day with pancake breakfast featuring local syrup and toast, while themed parties are created on St. Patrick’s Day and Veteran’s Day.

Outings – regular scenic outings for entertainment and bus trips for shopping, dining and to see local attractions are appreciated by every resident within the community.   For those who can still drive are free to travel and visit family.

Learning opportunity – it is not just a game of bingo or a volleyball match, residents get to stretch their brains, rekindle old interests and discover new ones. This could include painting, sign language, and foreign language class.                

Summerfield Retirement (summerfieldinfo.com) has worked hard to create a warm, inviting and comfortable environment for every senior resident. It is ideally located close to shopping area and Timpanogos hospital. Schedule a tour or just walk in, we will be happy to serve you. 

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