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The Bolton Landscape Blog Add A Backyard Waterfall Posted on June 28, 2018 Adding a waterfall to a backyard is one way to connect the brain to nature, right in your own backyard. Ever noticed how much calmer you feel by a lake or an ocean? Listening to water and staring at water, be it a river, pond, lake, ocean or waterfall, sooths the 21stcentury brain besieged daily with push notifications, phone alerts and over all noise in our day. Reducing stress is one reason to add a waterfall, but there are a few more great reasons. Block Out Noise If a major street runs close to your property, a burbling waterfall becomes “white noise” to block out traffic or even your noisy neighbors. White noise machines typically include selections like raindrops, gentle waves and waterfalls. Make A Backyard Unique Size is less of a factor than you might think, a waterfall can fit in almost any yard. No two waterfalls will be exactly the same so it adds a touch of something special to the property. “Pondless” waterfalls will work in a small or awkward spaces, the water recirculates and continues to flow. Even areas with strict water conservation can have a backyard water element. Attract Helpful Wildlife Water is important for all of the helpful pollinators, such as birds, bees and butterflies. But there is also something magical about a dragonfly hovering over a waterfall and even a frog or two. Because the water is constantly flowing, it limits bacteria growth and is not a breeding ground for mosquitos. Increase Property Values Hopefully you choose to build a waterfall or water element for pure enjoyment, but a side benefit is that it will increase property values. Landscape design elements add value to property by improving the appearance. Most landscape design enhancements will be attractive to potential buyers. A professional landscape designer, such as our team at Bolton Landscaping Design & Masonry, will create a waterfall that looks as if it was always part of the natural landscape. Let us build a low maintenance water element in your backyard. Call for a free estimate. Save Save Topic: Landscaping Ideas More ← Building a Shade Garden

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