Top 6 Ways To Get More Insta Likes On Your Ads

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How To Get Instagram Followers For Small Scale Business?

Posted on 19 July 2018 | 12:20 pm by

In this modern socio-tech world, the way of approaching marketing and advertising strategies have completely changed. Instagram has a large scale of active users and is considered the best platform to get your business to a variety of audience. But to make them your brand lover, here are some simple tips and tricks to get you a good number of Instagram followers.

Learn your market strategies:

Instagram is considered to be one of the most popular platform to share about entertainment, lifestyles and media, as most of the daily users are young youths. Thus, the brands who tend to target the market on Instagram are likely to gain more profits. But sometimes, it’s difficult to catch the eyes of the audience, hence it depends on the content, so make it very attractive, inspiring and motivating which will help you to get a good number of followers.

Manage your community:

You might have visited various Instagram pages and thought about how to get followers on Instagram, similar to them. To make this happen, you have to make a strong content which will engage a good number of followers to your account.

Power your hashtags:

Hashtags plays a very important role, you can easily reach a larger group of audience if you do provide hashtags carefully. After doing a proper analysis, start using the relevant hashtags, this will definitely get you a good number of likes and followers and allows a larger group of people to connect with your content very easily. Or else you can search hashtags which are relevant to your brands, and you can like and comment on their posts, which will be visible in their activity bar, who will for sure return the favor.

Mention a friend:

This is considered to be one of the best tactics, in which you can use the captions like “tag a friend”, “mention your best friend”, which encourage people to share your posts with their friends and help you to get good followers and engagements to your account.

Connect to different social media platforms through Instagram:

Connecting your Instagram account to your other social media accounts will help you to pick up huge traffic to your account. For example, if you share anything on your Instagram account then you probably have an option to share their link automatically on other social media platforms.

Share your stories to gain followers:

People love to listen to the people who move up on the ladder of success because every success story reassures that possibilities in life are still endless. Thus, you can share your stories, either success or failures. Or else you can share stories of your customers, their experiences, this will help you to get more views to your stories.

Buy paid advertisements:

Instagram provides the best platform for sharing advertisements. They provide a legal authorization to design your own add and run it, but before designing make sure to check all the terms and conditions which full-fill the Instagram rules.

Schedule your posts:

This is considered to be the best feature, which will help you to be ahead in time. If you get stuck in some work and will not be able to post on a timely basis, in that case, you can schedule your posts. When the programmed time comes, you will be made aware with the small notification. You need to approve it and your post will be posted.


In this high-tech world, with a large number of audience on Instagram, people wish to have more and more followers. Hence, these 8 steps will serve you the best to get a good number of followers to your business.

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