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An Overview of Different Types of Russian Visa

Posted on 26 April 2018 | 11:54 am by

When the word is RUSSIA what strikes your mind? Moscow? Trans-Siberian? Putin? Lake Baikal? Vodka? Yes, it’s beautiful and only the tip of the iceberg. This place has always been known for three crucial things Cosmos, Crude, and Cultural Heritage. Every year many citizens of different countries move to Russia for business, pleasure or stay and it is possible by passport and Russian Visa. If thinking of a trip, get it ready!
Russian visas are classified in different categories such as Russian business visa, tourist visa, homestay visa, transit visa, student visa, and employment visa. Let’s know more about the Russian visas in the blog ahead. 
Purpose of travel:
Russia Tourist Visa
• It is cheapest among all other and easiest to obtain with less hassle.  • It’s the best option for short visits to Russia.  • Get Single or double entry visa for thirty days.  • Easily issued by authorized Russian tourist company on the basis of invitation and voucher.  • It’s non-extendable, if wish to stay long have to leave the country and come gain with a newly obtained visa.  • Recommended more over private or homestay visa as it is easy to obtain. 
Private or Homestay Visa
• The best visa option, if you have your relatives or friends to host you during your trip. • The process demands original personal invitation from your Russian host, obtained at Registration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.   • The duration of single or double entry is available for maximum 90 days. • A bit time-consuming process, takes 45 days to four months and granted solely for visiting the city of the invitee. 
Russian Business Visa
• Easily issued based on the business invitations from authorized companies under Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Take around 20 working days to issue. Original business invitation is mandatory.  • It is issued for business purposes for foreigners. If tourists intended a trip of more than 30 day, this visa is recommended over Russia Tourist Visa.  • It’s valid for a year with single to multiple visa entry and has numerous conditions applied.   • Need to show original HIV negative certificate for stay over 3 months.
Russian Transit Visa
• It is required when travelling to other country via Russia without staying in Russia.  • The procedure requires no invitation and a copy of ticket with ‘confirmed’ status and visa to the destination country. 
Russian Student Visa
• Granted to students enrolled in educational courses in the country. • Issued based on invitation and contract of course with respective educational institution.  • Initially, validated for three months to 12 months, but extendable depending on how long is the education time.
Russian Employment Visa
• It is granted to foreign employees working for Russian companies and valid for 3 to 12 months with multiple entries. • Issued on the basis of employment agreement, official Russian visa invitation and Russian work permit. 
These are some of the important categories of Russian visa, some other are also there considering specific cases such as refugee visas, humanitarian and religious purposes visas, diplomatic visas, etc. If you need Russia tourist visa, business visa or other, visit soon. 

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