What are Efficient Ways to Source Tiles for Your House or Office

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3 Efficient Ways to Source Tiles for Your House or Office

Posted on 23 October 2018 | 7:30 am by Vihaan Shah

Are you also looking for a correct way to start searching for tiles while renovating your house/office for this Diwali? Have a look at these 3 simple efficient ways you can consider while buying tiles for your space.

1. Measure the area where tiles need to be placed

Any exterior tile manufacturers are going to need the exact area in sq ft to be able to quote you an exact amount it will cost you. Make sure you are extremely sure about the area and you are not working only on the basis of assumptions which can make you fall short of the tiles or can waste a lot of tiles you have ordered, as many exterior tiles manufacturers would not consider taking back sold orders and also if you fall short it would be extremely difficult to find the same tiles and reorder them. As they produce in bulk when you order them.

2. Location where the tiles need to be placed

Are the tiles supposed to be placed indoor or outdoor? Are the tiles supposed to go on the walls or the floors? These common questions should be answered before deciding which tiles to go for. As the utility and weather conditions are crucial in deciding which tiles to place where. For example, the tiles are to be pace out then the best option would be pavement tiles for which you will contact a pavement tiles company. 

3. Decide on where to buy

You have to consider various options for tiles like ceramic, glass, marble, pavement, etc according to the location, usage, weather conditions, where it is supposed to be placed etc. After finalizing your tiles you go to that particular distributor for that tile. For eg, you choose pavement tiles for your outdoor area so you contact a pavement tiles company but if you also need ceramic you might need another distributor as they might not have all the tiles you need under one roof.

To sum up, you need to measure your area, figure out the tile material you require and then select the distributor to meet your demands.

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