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Challenges That Valve Industry Faces Today

Posted on 12 April 2017 | 12:14 pm by

 Over the years, the industrial valve market across the world has been an eyewitness of sky-rocketing growth. Based on the recent report, the global industrial valves market has accounted 65billion USD which is anticipated to reach 88.4billion USD by the end of 2021. Valves are the crucial entities that control the flow of gas or fluid. These valves come in different formats and designs for appropriate and suitable applications. The White-Rodgers gas valves are commonly found in air conditioning systems to maintain the flow rate.
Safety Precautions to Maintain and Followed:
  • Failure to turn off White-Rodgers gas valve can hamper the supply path in the heating system and could cause property damage.
  • Don’t ever use White-Rodgers gas valve in high voltage supply area as high voltage supply will damage the control system of this gas valve and may become a cause of fire and shock.
  • Never use flame or any kind of spark to check gas leaks as it could cause explosion.
  • Don’t short out terminals on gas valve or primary control to test. Incorrect or short wiring can cause property damage, equipment damage or/and personal injury.

While repairing or replacing White-Rodgers gas valve, turn off electrical power to the system from the circuit breaker. Also, turn off the main gas supply. If you find any bubble formation while checking the leak, then shut off the gas supply through valve and fixes all the leaks found immediately.
Today, the White-Rodgers gas valvemanufacturers are capable of producing high-end engineered valves that require lots of accreditation and approvals due to critical nature of services. Also, finding repair service for the same has become a top concern of the customers and therefore, reliable servicing companies have emerged in the market today. Hire their services and set back relaxed.

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